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Top Tips and Tricks for YouTubers Life 2

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The sequel to YouTubers Life comes with improved graphics and lots of new content. Still, it failed to rule over the hearts of players, as the first title did. It incorporates Life Simulation, Casual, and Funny game components to offer you thrilling and fun-filled gameplay. Lots of players from worldwide are falling in love with the newly released YouTubers Life 2 video game and searching for its Tips and Tricks to make their grips strong over gaming aspects. Let me introduce the game briefly, as it allows you to create your YouTube channel after signing up and decide the genre and the nature of your content to upload. We suggest you go with trending topics; meanwhile, struggle to improve your streaming as well as professional reviews.


If you are new to the game and don’t know how it works, you are at the right place to discover the best suggestions, along with Tips and Tricks. At the beginner, you should learn what objectives you have to complete early and what more you can do in YouTubers Life 2, unlike the first title.


  • Create Your Account – Firstly, you should create your account and do all settings to make it attractive for users.


  • Explore the Fictional City – The game is set in a 3D environment where you can move to discover each corner of the city. You are allowed to record videos on the way; meanwhile, photos for your Instalife. Interact with characters and have fun while collaborating.


  • Main Places to Visit – The city contains three main areas, including Port, City Hall, and Downtown. Apart from that, you can go to the gym, shops, cinema, and more.


  • Create Viral Content – After learning all tips, you should start creating videos for improving your community; meanwhile, make new friends and create relationships with them.


  • Customize Your Avatar – Do you know? You are allowed to create and customize your character using tons of possibilities to make it unique, among others.


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YouTubers Life 2 – Top Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, instead of wishing to be a doctor or engineer, everyone loves to be a YouTuber. If you aren’t familiar with how everything works, you should create a channel to experience how YouTubers work in YouTubers Life 2. The newly released Life Simulator lets you navigate the City of Fame while searching for hidden stories and viral content.



Choose the Neighborhood Wisely to Live

As your adventure begins, the game may leave you an option to choose one of three different neighborhoods, such as:


  • Port


  • Downtown


  • City Hall


Usually, Downtown is perfect for you if you have planned to create videos on technologies, including Video Game Stores, PC components, and more. The Port includes the following areas, such as Beaches, Hairdressers, Café, and Restaurants. If you are new to the game, then we suggest you select Port as your resident because it helps you when your house runs out of electricity and more.



Scooters and Subways

Nowadays, going from one destination to another could be difficult, especially when you have to reach a location far away from you. In YouTubers Life 2, the game introduces vehicles like Scooters and Subways, so you can never be late. In the beginning, you can’t drive any vehicle as you have to apply for a license first; therefore, you should go to school and take driving classes.



Keep an Eye on Trends and Content Upload

You can’t be a good YouTuber until you aren’t aware of daily trends. For example, if any special e-sports event is on the way and will be released soon, so you should pay attention to it and create fabulous content about it as soon as possible.



Energy Stats

This time, the introduction of the Energy bar matters and determine your health. It helps you know whether your character is capable of recording and uploading content or not. To increase the bar, follow these two steps:


  • Sleep


  • Buy Food



Learn About the Map

As mentioned above, the game features three different locations; each one holds different areas to explore. It doesn’t matter what location you choose, but having information regarding the map is compulsory and would go in your favor. The introduction of a mini-map is pretty straightforward and may help you reach the destination within no time when you are driving a scooter.



Make Money and Friends

Similar to Energy, money is an important resource that you need when it comes to getting access to any events or buying videos to review. Therefore, you shouldn’t only save as much money as possible to fulfill the requirements of your Channel and make new friends who promote your Channel.




There is almost everything you should learn to grow your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to request users to Like, Share, and Subscribe to your Channel.


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