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Youtubers Life 2 – How to Make Money and Get More Subscribers?

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How to Make Money and Get More Subscribers?

A YouTuber’s life is not easy, but Youtubers Life 2 shows you the options you can exercise as a YouTuber. In addition to finding your soul mate on the road to fame, you also need to focus on your account InstaLife and channel NewTube so that you can provide the best possible content for your fans and subscribers.


In YouTubers Life 2, players start their day by checking their phones for commissions to make extra cash. Most likely, this will involve delivering a package to someone in town or taking a photo with a specific background. Watch out for trending hashtags, such as #dancing. Instalife is an excellent place to keep an eye on trending topics, as people often post about them there. In addition, you’ll need to set up your camera drone in order to interview, stream, or take a photo, then edit and upload back home.


While this life simulation offers many options, the most important is getting subscribers and making money since they represent the day-to-day activity in this game. The following guide will give you the best advice if it is a bit complicated or you wish to know more.



YouTubers Life 2: How to get subscribers?

In Youtubers Life 2, gaining subscribers is a pretty straightforward goal, but as the story progresses, it becomes more complicated. Still, various methods can be used. The first method is to upload photos to InstaLife, an app where you can instantly share content with your followers, allowing you to gain a following in the city.


Another thing you should do is go to the recording points to record videos for the NewTube channel. Additionally, you can edit your video using the video editor tool to give it your own special touch and to score the highest possible.


Furthermore, you should attend events, interact with people in the city, and above all, maintain contact with those you meet. Also, be active on social media, interact with your subscribers, and don’t forget about your friends. By following these steps, you have the potential to reach (10,000 subscribers) the bronze league fairly soon.



You Tuber’s Life 2: How to make money?

There are two ways to make money in Youtubers Life 2. By uploading content to NewTube, you can earn money, but at first, your profits are relatively small. As tickets to events are expensive and video games are also pricey, there are other ways to earn money in the game, including commissions.


You can earn extra money by running errands for your neighbors, as well as improving your friendship with them. Do not spend too much time on each order, and keep in mind the duration.


If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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