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Youtubers Life 2 – All NewTube City Locations Guide


This guide contains a detailed list of all the buildings, venues, and locations available in Youtubers Life 2.



Downtown Neighborhood:

Player 1 gaming store: Video games store where you can get all the consoles and games. It looks like a real big games store, covered with posters, screens showcasing games footage and some merchandise for decoration. Blair is in charge of the store.


AFK e-Sports Bar: People come here to enjoy the best hamburgers in the city while playing a couple of rounds with their friends. The place looks like a traditional bar with some console setups. Robin runs the place.


Spicy Ren Chinese restaurant: The fast-food look of this restaurant is compatible with enjoying the best Chinese noodles in NewTube City. You would never say the owner, Suzy is also a famous Youtuber.


Kiwi clothes store: You will be able to find dozens of clothes to set your standard daily outfits, as you would do at real fashion stores… Cassidy runs the place.


Leet Point tech store: Here, you will be able to get all the components to upgrade your PC for recording and editing the best videos. Adam is the owner.


Geektopia comics store: The paradise for everyone who’s into merchandising and comics. Edgar will help you out with your purchases.


Sewer entrance: What will happen if you leave food here? Who knows…


Boxing GYM: NewTube city gym is the place where everyone who’s into sports will go. You can train with Clara, the business owner.


PlayCon building: Every year, the PlayCon event takes place here.


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Port Neighborhood

The Kraken restaurant: The best place to enjoy a real Spanish Paella after a visit to the beach. Ellen is the owner.


Calypso beach bar: Enjoy some cocktails and seafood tapas in this casual beach bar. Ziggy runs the place.


The Fisherman: If you’re into the fishing world, this is the best place to find related decoration items. Captain Victor Vain owns the store.


Slater Surf: The best place in NewTube City to get your sports clothes and items. Joon runs the place.


Yacht Party (Dock 54): Neither YouTubers nor NPCs will miss the chance to attend the amazing parties that take place here. You can access it through dock 54. DJCerulean is often there.


Lafayette hair salon: In this place, the stylish Lafayette will help you with any look change you may want to go for.


Treasure Truck: This open market near the beach has plenty of garbage, but you can also find some rare objects from time to time. The eccentric Ágora runs the place.


Fitness club: Here you can enjoy the huge swimming pool and get some drinks and snacks. Moose runs the place.


TAG Agency: Xavier is trying to turn this old agency into the most famous one at NewTube City. You can find him working there most of the time.


Volleyball fields: You can find people playing volleyball here, at the beach.


Youtubers Life 2 - All NewTube City Locations Guide



CityHall Neighborhood

Town Hall: The biggest building in the neighborhood allows you to manage procedures related to your home management. The Mayoress is around most of the time.


Cinema: A luxurious cinema. Of course, you can buy some snacks for the movie!


Theater: Another great place to spend your spare time and enjoy some events. Tina and Dimitri manage it; the phantom is also sometimes around her.


Galaxy Disco: NewTube people come here to enjoy the night sessions run by the famous YouTuber DJFox. You can dance and stop to get a refreshment when you are exhausted.


Gianni clothes boutique: Anybody who wears a suit at NewTube has bought it at Gianni for sure. Here you can find the fanciest clothes, sold by Gianni himself.


ErTech Innovation Center: Here, you can find the craziest tech items and upgrades for your drone. Dr. Ermingaut runs the place and will involve you in any experiment if you let him do so. Grace, her assistant robot, is also there.


E-Tech secret room: A secret room protected by an armored door at the Innovation Center. Looks like a laboratory control room.


Althea’s luxury restaurant: There’s also a place for fancy food at NewTube. The place is run by Althea.


Train Station: The main station at NewTube City.


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