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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – All Key Locations Guide

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All Key Locations

Copper Key:

  • -Farmer’s market, chest hidden behind food stall


  • -Iron Fortress, room north of spooky side room, toilet in right cell.


  • -Wild Tropics, block puzzle in explorer’s hole


  • -Forgotten Ruins, behind the temple




Gold Key:

  • -Hope Harbor, Native Family, behind open tippi


  • -Mystic Woods, Monolith Room, chest guarded by Big Mud Slime


  • -Greenwood Village, Ruby of Death basement, chest on upper bridge segment


  • -Leftmost Poseidon Skull resting area, Hidden path between east trees


  • -Rapture, Hidden Switch in room east of fourth dungeon entrance


  • -Glitched area in Frozen Valley (west of Poseidon Boss room), northmost (unguarded, partially hidden) chest




Diamond Key:

  • -Iron Fortress, spooky side room, framed treasure chest


  • -Anna’s balcony (rightmost balcony area), in some foliage in the bottom left corner


  • -Lost Ruins, flower code 1-4-5-7-8-9 (as if it were a dialpad)


  • -Rainbow treasure from Poseidon skull in blue teleporter area




Topaz Key:

  • -Iron Fortress, first booster puzzle, storage area


  • -Redpine Graveyard, hidden grave switch


  • -Rapture, behind Fire Orb (accessible via torch/The Candle area)


  • -Rapture, Zombie Hydra chamber, chest from lighting torch for second time (after beating the boss)




Coral Key:

  • -Second Floor of Hope Harbor food shop (not farmer’s market), just south of middle bed.


  • -Secret nook (in the right) in Greenwood Armory


  • -Glitchy room (from area south of Grand Gallery Entrance), chest guarded by coral boulder


  • -Chest found after north exit of 3-stone-block ice puzzle room in Frozen Valley


  • -Treasure horde just after Poseidon


  • -Rapture, cloud path chest (not guarded by toxic squid) in room east of fourth dungeon entrance.




Wooden Key:

  • -Greenwood barn (Must complete Pablo’s quest)


  • -Mystic woods, secret area in leftmost balcony area (enter the right tree from behind)


  • -Sapphire of Dreams basement, chest guarded by Haunted Mirror


  • -Chest behind Redpine Barn


  • -Chest accessible via blue teleporters (accessible from Rapture)


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