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Erzurum – All Meteorite Locations Guide

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All Meteorite Locations

The following overhead map can be used for orientation since the game does not show or mark the structures unless the player finds them through exploration. The map is divided into four parts for easier navigation. The meteorites are marked as red dots. The meteorites emit a fairly strong, strobing blue light which is especially noticeable in the dark, so it is better to go for them under clear skies between dusk and dawn. They also show up as tiny blue dots on the minimap, strobing as they are, as long as they are in the covered range.


Apart from #15 (which absolutely requires collecting #29 that grants a higher jump), all the meteorites that require some kind of platforming can be reached with a running start and precise timing. You may, of course, pick up #29 before trying for them to save yourself the frustration.


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