The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – All Recipe Locations Guide

All Recipe Locations

Gun Station

  • .45 Revolver: In Blue Mansion Safe.


  • .45 Ammunition: In Blue Mansion Safe.


  • Lever Action Rifle: Near a story objective in the Ward, in Tower Faction Territory.


  • Assault Rifle: End Game – Flood the Comms Room, Kills Casey.


  • AR Ammunition: End Game – Flood the Comms Room, Kills Casey.



Survival Station

  • Jambalaya: In Tower building Kitchen on the stove, in Via Corolla.


  • Beignet: St. Vincent, across the street from the first Physical appearance of May, in a house.


  • Gumbo: Small house in Old Town, in the Fridge. (Red Building)


  • Compound Bow: In a Hidden Room in Memorial Lane red building (Key acquired in Rampart within the school building).


  • Explosive Arrows: Jazz Men Safe.



Gear Station

  • Samedi’s Hand: in Golden Lions Safe.


  • Esteemed Mortal Bat: Old Town Safe.


  • Timed Noise Maker Bomb: Rampart next to Trent’s Body in a locker room by the Bleachers, Climb up the side and fall down into the Locker room to find Trent along with the schematic.


  • Sticky Proximity Mine: Appears to be a drop from a human soldier, be on the lookout. I’ll update if there is a more convenient location.


  • 4th and Pain Clever: Bathroom of the Nurse’s Office in Rampart.


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