The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – All Angel Statue Locations Guide

All Angel Statue Locations

  • Resting Place: Behind the Coffin when you first contact May (not physical contact).


  • Shallows: The Attic of the Blue Mansion, acquire the key from the first NPC encounter in the Shallows.


  • Via Corolla: In a closet within a cabinet on the floor to the right on the first floor by the stairs in the Tower hideout, in a closet.


  • Old Town: Underneath desk in the Tarped-up Alleyway (Possible Survivor encounter there), Closest to the Old Town Safe building.


  • Memorial Lane: Red Building (Tower infested personnel if during Story), Second floor in a Large Storage room, has an armored mannequin in the room.


  • Rampart: Art room of the School Building.


  • The Ward: Warehouse area, near the encounter of the lone reclaimed soldier, in the Shipping and Logistics building. The large blue highlighted area on the map, furthest from the first skiff.


  • Bastion: Yellow Building, Neighbors house behind Trash bags (No Zombies if during the Storyline)


  • Bywater: Car Shop/Garage, Hidden Attic.


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