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Monster Prom – Scott Howl Secret Endings Guide

Monster Prom - Scott Howl Secret Endings Guide

To pass Pass Scott, you need the following stats:


Where the other primary romanceable character requires a certain amount of specific stats to successfully ask them to prom (given a secret ending doesn’t override stats), Scott has no stat requirements other than getting a certain amount of “love points” with him, which is an invisible stat that isn’t easily traceable.



Scott Howl Secret Endings

———-COKE End Guide———-

(This event is exclusive to the PC version of the game.)


1. The event will trigger randomly while pursuing Scott.


2. “You need to do something to calm him down… but what?”


Using your vast knowledge of aromatherapy, give him some lavender-scented cocaine to neutralize the regular-scented cocaine and relax him a bit. (CREATIVITY)




3. “You’d love to help. The only question is… how?”


Spike the punch with coke on prom night! If the whole team’s on coke, Coach will have to let you play! (FUN)


All we have to do is convince Coach that cocaine is a good thing! A little hands-on demonstration wouldn’t hurt… (CHARM)


4. Depending on your outcome in this event, the third event will be different.


Purchase ‘A Bag Of Regular Cocaine’ from the shop ($10)


5. (Spike the punch option) “Oh, yeah, you have a plan. It’s super well thought out, and it involves…”


Pretending to be a renowned punch chef and suggesting the prom punch could use a bit more cocaine. (CREATIVITY)


Seducing Abercrombie McGizz, the cafeteria troll in charge of the punch. (CHARM)


6. (Talk to coach option) “Well, the floor is yours. You whip out your cocaine and give Coach your best pitch:”


Coke is great for sport! Here, try some! (CHARM)


If coke is so unhealthy and wrong, why am I snorting so much of it right here in front of you? (BOLD)


7. Go to Prom with Scott.



———-CAGE End Guide———-

(This event is exclusive to the console (Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation) versions of the game.)


1. This event will trigger randomly while pursuing Scott.


2. “So, where can you find something wolf-proof on such short notice?”


Go on an adventure to steal the legendary cage of Krok’to’az, the vengeful deity of torment. It’s actually where Krok’to’az puts his dog when he needs to go to the vet. (BOLD)


Just put one of those “DO NOT DISTURB” hotel things on the inside of the cage, so Scott, being a good boy, won’t disturb the outside. (FUN)


3. “Well, Wolf-Scott is the one you’ll hopefully be boinking later, so his happiness is a priority. What could spruce this prison up?”


A very positive piece of abstract art. (CREATIVITY)


Nothing is as beautiful as Scott… so 50 posters of Scott’s face. (CHARM)


4. “Yeah, okay. A distraction sounds reasonable. What could keep Scott occupied while he’s sitting in a box for several hours straight?”


A friend! …Carefully crafted out of a football, with a silly face drawn on it. (FUN)


A werewolf’s favorite pastime: were-sudoku! (SMART)


5. Go to Prom with Scott.



———-FURRY End Guide———-

1. The event will randomly trigger on Scott’s route


2. “Aww. Poor Scott! It’s up to you to help him rally –“


Scott, a good king, is a strong ruler — physically strong!!! If you can do a hundred push-ups, you can be a good king for sure. (BOLD)


True royalty has been inside you all along — why else would your eyes be royal blue?! (CHARM)


3. “Which are very, very generous in their proportions… I think they deserve the best leader!


Normal rulers make their subjects pay taxes… but what if you paid taxes to them?! (MONEY)


Flag time! You can’t rule a kingdom with no flag. Without a flag, it would be just… a bunch of flagless people! (CREATIVITY)


4. “Not on your watch. Not today. You think quickly –“


You know how deer shed their antlers, and then they grow back? Talking furry forest creatures shed their heads! (SMARTS)


SCOTT! That panda must have been a cursed prince… and now you’ve turned him back into a person!!! (CHARM)


5. Go to Prom with Scott.



———-FAMILY End Guide———-

1. Buy The Gift That Keeps on Giving from the shop. It may randomly contain A Drawing From a Random Kid.


2. “Whoa. You know this is a serious situation if it’s causing Vera to show empathy. Quick, divert Scott’s attention by…”


“Starting a discussion on the history and development of jazz as a musical art form!” (SMART)


“Making a silly face!” (FUN)


3. “♥♥♥♥ it, you’ve got a flexible relationship with the truth anyway. And Scott seems so sincerely invested in this. So you do the only reasonable thing:”


“Convince the proprietors that you’re a time traveler from the future and giving free pizza to Scott is the only way to stop the pizza uprising.” (CHARM)


“Act like an entitled piece of ♥♥♥♥ until they give you a free pizza. ” (BOLD)


4. “You can’t tell Scott the truth about his dad! You’re already in too deep! Quick, convince him everything’s okay!”


“Explain that some people have a hard time putting their emotions into words, especially if they’re a bag of potatoes.” (CHARM)


“Pin a ribbon on the potato sack that says, ‘I’m proud of you, Scott.’” (CREATIVITY)


5. Go to prom with Scott or Vera.


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January 17, 2024 5:03 am

Thanks for the detailed guide on the Scott Howl secret endings in Monster Prom! I had no idea there were so many different outcomes depending on the choices I made. I’ll definitely be checking back in with this guide each time I play to see if I can unlock all of the secrets 😊

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