Monster Prom - Polly Geist (Secret Endings) - MGW

Monster Prom – Polly Geist (Secret Endings)

Monster Prom - Polly Geist (Secret Endings)

To pass the ending correctly, you need to choose the answer option whose statistics you have more!



Polly Geist (Secret Endings)

To pass Pass Polly, you need the following stats:




• Short: 7+ BOLDNESS and 10+ FUN


• Long: 10+ BOLDNESS and 15+ FUN




• Short: 6+ BOLDNESS and 8+ FUN


• Long: 7+ BOLDNESS and 12+ FUN



PARTY Ending Guide:

1. The event will randomly trigger on Polly’s route.


2. “Oh, you’ve got some ideas, and they’re the spiciest:”


o Spike the punch with mandrake root. It turns monsters into actual humans! (SMARTS)


o Okay, you go as a sexy tax attorney. I’ll go as a sexy tax EVADER. (CREATIVITY)


3. “Anyway, I’m going to a bar mitzvah tonight, and I need your scientific advice: what can we do to push this part over the edge?”


o The electric slide… but with actual electricity. (FUN)




4. “So, brainstorm time, how can we put the “fun” back in “funeral”?”


o Possess the body of the deceased, bringing him back for one last party! (FUN)


o Bouncy castle. (CREATIVITY)


5. Go to Prom with Polly.



WILKINSON Ending Guide:

1. The event may randomly trigger on Polly’s route.


2. “…Oh well.”


o “I’ve…done that one load of times! Just name a time and a place, and I’ll reverse all over your Romanian Wilkinson.” (CHARM)


o “Throw a smoke bomb and escape while leaving a replica of yourself. That should buy you time to figure out what a Reverse Romanian Wilkinson is!” (CREATIVITY)


3. Purchase ‘A Penguin Mask’ from the Shop ($10)


4. “There’s not much more time to lose here… the solution is clear.”


o “You’re tackling online searching in a very short-sighted way… you need to come up with unexpected search terms that will point you in the right direction.” (CREATIVITY)


o “Use your people skills to get the three witches to admit they know what a Reverse Romanian Wilkinson is, and to tell you what you need for it.” (CHARM)


5. “But this is going to cost you, my fellow friend.”


o “Use your sweet negotiation skills and toss all the money you can find in your pockets at him.” (MONEY)


o “Blackmail him! You’ll take the guac in exchange for never telling anyone he’s a kinky vampire who carries guac around.” (CHARM)


6. Go to prom with Polly.



LOCKET Ending Guide:

1. Buy The Cursed Locket of Winston Montgomery from the shop. ($7)


2. “You couldn’t agree more. You share your number one haunted locket-snorting safety tip with her to show her you know what’s up.”


o “Polly, you deserve nothing less than pure, unadulterated spirit! Test this locket to make sure it’s not cut with the lich, or banshee, or Clorox.” (CHARM)


o “Always stay hydrated!” (SMARTS)


3. “Okay, we’re on the same page now. But what are we supposed to do to learn about the unfinished business of a troubled ghost?”


o “In these situations, there’s always a pale, creepy kid who talks to ghosts. We just need to get that little ♥♥♥♥♥♥ to spill the beans!” (CHARM)


o “Use an Ouija board… to call her mom.” (SMARTS)


4. “For once… maybe it would be better not to debate between absurd plans. Maybe today is a good day to be sincere….”


o “Go ahead and just tell her you do want to understand her. If she wants to tell you more about her father, you’re here to listen.” (BOLDNESS)


o “You can see she’s hurting. So start by making her see you understand that you were wrong to judge her so fast on her relationship with substances… today you’re not here to judge.” (CHARM)


5. Go to prom with Polly.


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