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Synergia – Endings Guide

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This guide serves two purposes: One such purpose is to detail how I triggered both endings so that you don’t have to blindly try to figure out how to get the good ending. The other is to explain what choices unlock what achievements in the most self-explanatory way possible.



Playthrough #1 – Body (Bad Ending)

  • Try to connect directly to the android: Risky, but I don’t have too many options. That woman hasn’t helped me at all. (“The Outsider” achievement unlocks here.)


  • Select Holonet (you don’t need to read the files in the Hoplon or your Inbox for either ending) when prompted and choose “Yes.”


  • I better resist and stop him from entering my memory chip. (“The Breaking Web” achievement unlocks here.)


  • Generate a new key-card copy, then return it when prompted. Ignore everything else.


  • Log out of the interface; there isn’t a lot you can do here aside from reviewing the Progress Overview anyways.


  • Don’t let him get away. (“The Iron Fist” achievement unlocks here.)


  • Select “Exit,” then “Yes” when the E-Note interface comes up.


  • Keep reading (or skip the text), and you’ll unlock the Bad Ending.



Playthrough #2 – Mind (Good Ending)

  • Start a new game.


  • It’s too risky to get any connection with a black market android. I should try to convince him the old way. (“The Protege” achievement unlocks here.)


  • Once again, access the Holonet.


  • I’ll let the message pass through my memory chip. (“The Third Machine” achievement unlocks here.)


  • Like the first playthrough, generate a new key-card copy and return it.


  • Once again, log out of the Velta Labs interface when prompted.


  • Let him go. (“The God” achievement unlocks here.)


  • From here, you don’t have any more choices to make. Just keep reading (or skipping the text if you’re an achievement hunter), and you’ll eventually get the achievements associated with the good ending and the epilogue.


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