Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - Cheats & Secrets - MGW

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Cheats & Secrets

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - Cheats & Secrets

A Robot Uprising! / Calculester Secret Ending:

How to Unlock Calculester’s “Uprising” Secret Ending.



How to Unlock:

The route is randomly triggered anywhere on the map, when you’re hanging out with Damien, Scott, but mostly Cal, and are then surprised by a gutsy robot with a familiar face.


Event #1 (Weakness):

High-fives: Boldness

Pancakes: Fun


Event #2 (Imposters):

Cool Hats: Fun

Hybrids: Creativity


Event #3 (Colossus):

Toaster: Smarts

Law & Order: Fun


Ask Calculester to the Meteor Shower:

Notes: Choose the choice of the higher stat. There’s a chance to fail when

both stats are too low or equal.



Milo Death Secret Ending Guide:

How to Get Milo Death Secret Ending



This event triggers randomly when you’ve selected to romance Milo during the bus ride. They’ve received a text notification that you’re going to die at the end of the week, and decide to make your last days perfect!


Event 1: Your time to shine!:

Interpretative dance: creativity.

A toast: charm.


Event 2: Milo’s right.:

The obstetrician who was there for your birth: fun.

The party is all about you: creativity.


Event 3: Speech:

The last event has 2 multiple-choice questions and one question where you

write in your answers. The answers in bold are the ones you should pick,

normal are the ones that stop you from getting the ending.


1. It’s okay, for death is…

Just another thing that happens.

The end of a beautiful song.

My favorite ice cream flavor.

A five letter word.


2. I now realize that life has been like…

A rabid raccoon that wants to maul our faces again and again.

A turtle perpetually stuck on its back.

A decadent, juicy peach to be enjoyed to the last bite.

A jazz solo, where improvisation meets beauty.


3. Write-in question

I am unsure of whether this has any influence on the ending, or if it’s just for flavor.

Joy Secret Ending Guide (Breaking the Cycle):



How to Get Joy Secret Ending


This event has you meet some of Joy’s evil exes and defeat them, as you grow closer and wonder… Can Joy break the cycle? Also nice MCR reference.


Event 1: Axarax:

Set up a black market: boldness.

Call the police: smarts.


Event 2: Salomé:

Fortune favors the bold!: boldness.

Pick the right leg coupon!: smarts.


Event 3: Gerard:

Get Gerard a date: boldness.

It’s time to get even: smarts.


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