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MediEvil Remake Cheats & Secrets

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How to Unlock the original PS1 version

The original PS1 version of MediEvil is hidden within the remake version. Players can unlock it for free by performing specific tasks and that is by completing the 19 soul challenges. It’s not quite as hard as unlocking challenges but it takes time.


Now, just where to find all the 19 souls? Fortunately, there are no missable souls in the game, meaning players can backtrack and get them at any time they want. To get started with the soul searching, make sure you find the one that is in Entrance Hall to trigger other souls to appear in the game.



Here are the 19 souls locations:


Fisherman Formes: The Entrance Hall

Resting location: The Sleeping Village



Brute Bruty: The Graveyard

Resting location: Scarecrow Fields



Ye Olde Olivara: Cemetery Hill

Resting location: the Graveyard



Baffy the Baffler: The Hilltop Mausoleum

Resting location: The Asylum Grounds



Surgeon Sherm: The Graveyard

Resting location: Inside the Asylum



Chen the Enchantress: Scarecrow Fields

Resting location: Cemetery Hill



Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Weder: Pumpkin Gorge

Resting location: The Pumpkin Serpent



Treviarnus the Troubadour: The Pumpkin Serpent

Resting location: The Hilltop Mausoleum



Grave Keeper Kambic: The Sleeping Village

Resting location: The Graveyard After



Gavin the Golden: The Asylum Grounds

Resting location: The Crystal Caves



Sir Schmidt the Hermit: Inside the Asylum

Resting location: Pumpkin Gorge



Daring D. Castro: The Enchanted Earth

Resting location: The Haunted Ruins



Hopper the Legless: Pools of the Ancient Dead

Resting location: The Gallows Gauntlet



Son Jr., Son of Sr.: The Lake

Resting location: The Enchanted Earth



Knight McKnight: The Crystal Caves

Resting location: Pools of the Ancient Dead



Nautical Nachbaur: The Gallows Gauntlet

Resting location: The Lake



Barrelman Badillo: The Haunted Ruins

Resting location: The Ghost Ship



Captain Coffman: The Ghost Ship

Resting location: The Time Device



Sir Sloane: The Time Device

Resting location: The Entrance Hall


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