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Giants Uprising: Cheats & Secrets

Giants Uprising: Cheats & Secrets

Cheats & Secrets

Tips & Tricks

  • You can smash through buildings by charging (Hold Shift + Left Mouse Button)


  • The Dash Smash – Press Shift + Left Mouse Button in quick succession to make Rogbar perform a forward strike. (allowing to close gaps between you and your opponents, or quickly smash through those pesky buildings in your way).


  • Activating Rage will allow you to deal more damage. And avoid getting staggered after receiving damage.


  • Charge your attacks (holding the specific attack button) while your opponent is blocking to deal extra damage once they try to attack (be careful, good timing is key).


  • You can “calibrate” your throw in the seconds of throwing, adjusting your aim to hit turrets/enemies more accurately.


  • If you block an enemy attack (by pressing ALT), you can hit them with the counter punch to deal extra damage.


  • You can walk while blocking and aiming.


  • You can heal Rogbar by eating meat.


  • Gaining distance can help you avoid damage from Giants and allow you to use your AoE damage attacks (Right Mouse Button, Q button).


  • To be more efficient at avoiding and eventually destroying turrets (with projectiles), wait for the last second to dash (SPACEBAR button). And then throw your weapon at them.


  • After each mission, you will receive a skill point. Access the Skill Tree tab in the Main Menu to spend it and enhance your chances.


  • Use the environment to your advantage- you can pick up rocks and trees to hurl them at your enemies.


  • Destroying buildings and killing enemies can heal you and (buildings) provide you with fun weapons.


  • Each weapon you find in the game can allow Rogbar to use in melee attacks (this uses up the durability of said weapons) or ranged attacks. Each weapon has a different durability capacity: rocks and trees – one throw, one hit, other weapons will allow you to perform a few more melee attacks with them. They will even allow you to retrieve some after performing a ranged attack.


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