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Chernobylite Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

Recruitable Companions

In Chernobylite, you don’t have to embark on excursions by yourself. You may really hire partners and enlist their assistance with different aspects of the game, such as crafting and exploration. You must finish the proper companion quest to recruit a recruitable NPC when you come across one. Chernobylite has five major partners. We’ll go over all you need to know about finding partners in Chernobylite in this tutorial.




To enlist Tarakan, complete the “Old Document” quest and travel to the gas chamber. To get access to “The Climb Trail,” where you can kill NAR troops, you must first escape the chamber. Tarakan will be recruited towards the end of the quest.


  • Upgraded software: The Environmental Analyzer can now detect and highlight adversaries.


  • Environmental Analyzer can now scan more often thanks to a software upgrade.


  • Savings: The cost of making goods in the refuge is reduced by 10%.


  • Exceptional Savings: a -10% reduction in the cost of making goods in the sanctuary.


  • Camouflage: This makes it more difficult for opponents to find you.




During the mission “The Final Exam,” you must earn Sashko’s trust.


  • +3 HP Reflex


  • +25 percent Shotgun DMG Patience


  • Perfection in Patience: +50% DMG shotgun


  • Increased sprint speed and reduced fall damage in parkour.


  • Parkour perfection: faster sprints and less damage from falls




Mikhail is encountered during the main quest “Mikhail in Trouble.” You’ll be able to add him to your party towards the end of this mission.


  • Gathering: +15 percent more resources Capacity: +12 Inventory Slots


  • +30% extra resources with Perfect Gathering


  • Survival instinct: a 10% increase in the rate of food drops


  • Perfect Survival Instinct: Food Drop Rate Increased by 20%




As part of the game’s primary plot, this NPC joins your group early on. Olivier possesses the following abilities.


  • +25 percent Shotgun DMG Patience


  • +50% Shotgun DMG with Perfect Patience


  • Increased sprint speed and reduced fall damage in parkour.


  • Perfect Parkour: Faster spring speed and less damage from falls


  • +3 HP Reflec




During the main quest “A Voice in the Woods,” you meet Olga. However, you must concentrate on the primary mission “Traitor,” in which you must save a scavenger. This scavenger will later be found in Olga’s camp. Give him food to gain Olga’s favor and recruit her.


  • +25% AR DMG as a control


  • +50% AR DMG with perfect control


  • +3 discipline +6 Inventory Slots in HP Organization


  • +6 Inventory Slots for Perfect Organization


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