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Phoenix Point Cheats & Secrets

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Useful Tips & Tricks

Mindfraggers can take control of your soldiers. A risky way to remove them is to aim at the victim’s head. Handguns work best.


Always check your soldiers’ stamina when sending them on a mission. If they are tired, they will only get 3 APs, and only two if exhausted.


Carrying a handgun can be life-saving when your arm has been disabled in battle. Double-handed weapons require two hands to operate.


The Assault Soldier’s Dash ability allows a soldier to move two times the standard movement distance for the cost of Willpower (and 1 AP).


Heavy weapons weigh more and are held at waist level. Consider this when aiming from behind low cover.


If you manage to destroy the floor below an enemy who has the high ground, they will fall and take damage, depending on the height fallen.


Please beware of the Siren’s Psychic Scream, as it reduces your Will Points significantly and can easily send your troops into a state of panic.


Panicked soldiers will act upon their basic instincts, usually running away and then recovering some Will Points.


Arthron shields are almost impossible to break with conventional firearms. You will need to have damage penetration or move to flank them.


Never forget to equip additional magazines for your troops. Having your soldier run out of ammo during a mission can render them useless on the field.


It’s best to attack Sentinels with multiple soldiers and kill them in one turn since they will activate their abilities on the next enemy turn.


Use Overwatch to attack during the enemy turn at whoever passes through the cone area you have selected.


Medkits will restore your Hit Points but will not repair any limb damage. Once you leave a mission, limbs are repaired.


If your soldier does not have the right class to use a weapon proficiently, accuracy will be lower. In the case of melee weapons, there’s a chance to fumble the attack as well.


Mist spread during a mission will conceal Pandorans and restore their Will Points. If one of your soldiers is caught inside the mist, he will be revealed to the enemy and lose Will Points.


Vehicles can carry troops in them during a Mission and can also scout ahead due to their large movement range.


Sometimes a bleed wound can be fatal in just a few turns. If an enemy is bleeding and with low health, it might be best to conserve ammo for more dangerous targets.


If your weapon or equipment takes enough damage, it will be destroyed.


When moving next to a wall or high object, your soldier will stand ready to step to the side to shoot.


When moving next to a low wall or obstacle, your soldier will crouch, partially protecting the body from attack.


Cover will only protect soldiers from damage if it is hit by enemy fire instead of the soldier. Any shots hitting the soldier will still do full damage.


The realistic ballistic model means that each bullet’s trajectory will be damaged independently of any other bullets fired in a burst.


Effective range is the range in tile positions at which the soldier can expect to hit a human-sized target 50% of the time.


The armor level of a body part will prevent damage affecting Hit Points, e.g., a damage value of 50 against the armor of 20 will result in 30 Hit Points lost.


Poison will inflict damage at the start of your turn, and then the poison value will reduce and inflict less damage the next turn until no poison is left.


Viral damage will reduce Will Points at the start of your turn; then, the virus will reduce and inflict less damage the next turn until the virus is reduced to nothing.


Acid damage attached to body parts will reduce armor by ten each turn and then eat away at the flesh until no acid damage is left.


Paralysis damage will inflict an Action Point penalty based on the paralysis damage value compared to the target’s strength. If the paralysis value is greater than strength, then the victim is paralyzed.


Relations with factions cannot progress to SUPPORTIVE (25-49) until you complete their diplomacy mission.


Defending havens from the Pandoran attack is important for gaining favor with factions and earning resources.


When a faction becomes SUPPORTIVE (25+), it will give you the location of all of its havens.


When faction relations reach 50, you are ALIGNED – and that faction will share its research with you.


Explore areas covered by the mist to contact any havens there, and protect them if you can.


Pandorans will build bases under mist cover, but their attack range can extend out of the mist.


When faction relations reach 75, you become ALLIED, and that faction’s full research tree is open to you for research.


A fast way to progress your research is to steal it from other factions with a STEAL RESEARCH mission at a haven with a research center.


Most of the interesting technology is possessed by the factions – to get access to it, you need to ally with them or steal it.


You will need to complete a faction’s special mission (see Walkthrough tabs) to progress your relations with them to the next level (supportive, aligned, allied).


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