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Lords Of The Fallen Cheats & Secrets

Lords Of The Fallen Cheats & Secrets

How to Get Special & Legendary Weapons

  • There are 15 unique/legendary weapons in the game that provide players with special properties and the vast majority of those available are obtained via defeating each of the game’s bosses whilst satisfying a certain condition whilst others can be found either from completing sidequests or are located in hard to find areas. Below, is the list with their names and conditions:



Name – Condition

Persistence – Defeat First Warden without losing any health. You can take damage, to obtain the one without any attribute boost.


Commander Shield – Defeat Commander without blocking with a shield or a weapon.


Clawfinger – Defeat Worshiper after having him kill at least two of his minions with his own attacks. (An easy way to do this is to wait till he summons his minions, then lowers his health such that he does an AoE attack and wipes them out).


Uras – Defeat Infiltrator before all the fire goblets above the arena are lit.


Sting – Defeat Champion without letting him enrage (apart from phase changes).


Stain – Defeat Beast without stepping into any of his poisonous pools.


Firewalker – Defeat Guardian without putting out any of the goblets.


Lightning – Deal the killing blow to Annihilator with a lightning damage weapon.


Defender (Fire) – Defeat the Lost Brothers, killing the Fire Brother last.


Defender (Lightning) – Defeat the Lost Brothers, killing the Lightning Brother last.


Blocker – Found in a cell room, in the area after the Champion. Specifically in the first cage to the left.


Bloodlust – Obtained from a statue behind a locked door in the Catacombs opened by a pressure plate nearby.


Bloodsick – Obtained from a chest in New Burial Chamber.


Curser – Found on a corpse in Old Quarters.


Stance – Acquired from giving Crippled Rhogar 15x Human Skulls.


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