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Space Robinson Cheats & Secrets Guide

Space Robinson Cheats & Secrets Guide

How to find almost all Artifacts

So here’s my complete guide on unlocking all “Colony 21” features in the game. For every artifact there are 3 tips:


  • First, you can find in the description of the machine unlocked by this artifact.


  • Second is my own tip if you want to try to figure it out.


The third is straight instructions (where possible) on how to get it. Obviously, with spoilers.



Duct Tape

1. You can find Duct Tape in the Desert Plain.


2. Just keep beating the first zone and it will come sooner or later. Pretty soon actually.


3. Based on several runs there is just some (pretty high) chance of drop at the start of the second zone. But it never drops on the first several runs (my soonest was 6th run).




1. Sacrifice 5 perks to get a Silencer.


2. Step 1: Boots perk amount to 5. Step 2: Go nuts.


3. There’s book perk that increases the number of perks in machines to 5. After getting it just break the next machine. It’ll probably ruin your current run, though.




1. First serious enemy. And fast.


2. Well, there’s a kind of a boss on the second level.


3. After getting on the second level you’ll have a bit more than a minute (70-90 seconds) to kill the boss.



Glass Cube

1. Heal well to find a Glass Cube.


2. You just heal and heal and heal…


3. It takes roughly 100 medkits to get the artifact.



Laser Block

1. Play in one breath to find a Laser Block.


2. You just heal not and heal not and heal not.


3. Complete the first two biomes without using medkits.




1. Travel light and you’ll find a Battery.


2. You’re in the desert, be humble, deny all goods.


3. Don’t break a single crate on the first three levels. You can get weapons and ammo from killing monsters.



Alien Egg

1. Night monsters don’t give up so easily.


2. Try to be nice to night visitors, would you?


3. Don’t kill anything during two nights.




1. Reward for battling dangerous weeds.


2. Do a decent cleaning in the desert and jungles.


3. You need to destroy every shooting plant (first 3 levels) and every spidery plant (4-6 levels).



Electronic Pass

1. Prove that you are the master of energy.


2. The higher the central core level – the better.


3. Take the core to the 5th level (you’ll need 38.5k crystals for this).




1. Melee is the best type of attack.


2. You’re the engineer after all. You have the wrench, you have the enemies…


3. Kill a lot of monsters with melee attacks. I tried to count the numbers, but it’s not so simple. Roughly 3.5k. Unfortunately, there is no in-game statistics about that.




1. Forget the smell of gunpowder.


2. That’s a tough one. Try not to shoot for some time.


3. You need to beat three consecutive levels without firing a single shot (perks improving melee attack and dash are the best choice for this)




1. Find and destroy a golden box.


2. There is a perk that blows things up and there is a crate that can’t be opened in normal ways.


3. Take the perk that leaves mine after the dash (Invisibility Cloak) and dash near the golden crate on the second (snowy) outpost.




1. It doesn’t unlock any machine, so no description here.


2. Just go far enough and you’ll find this at one of the rest spots.


3. Just search the snowy outpost.


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