SuchArt: Creative Space Cheats



Unlimited Money

Here’s how to edit your save file and get unlimited money.


1: Go to C:\Users\*YourUsername*\AppData\LocalLow\Voolgi\SuchArt\saves_CreativeSpace\


2: Go to the folder of the save file you want to edit. (Save A = slot_0 and etc.)


3: Make a copy of save.dat to another folder just in case.


4: Go to and upload save.dat


5: On the right tab, Search for “Money” and checklist all occurrences.


6: Go to the last occurrence.


7: Change the values right beside the word “Money”, to whatever hex value you want.


Here are the values highlighted before:



And after the change:



8: Export the file, download it, and use it to replace your current file.


9: Done!


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