Space Haven – How to Build a Prison


How to Build a Prison

A prison can be created using the Prisoner area permission tool. This tool can be found in the build menu.


-The tool allows you to paint a prisoner area, where prisoners may stay on your ship.


-Use the tool to paint a small or large area, however, you want it. Note that the prisoners have all the same needs as your own crew members, and will eventually complain if they do not have beds, a toilet, a kitchen, and so on.


-You can create a specific area just for the prisoners, with all the required facilities for comfort OR you can paint pathways to facilities like a Kitchen, to allow prisoners and your own crew members share these facilities.


When you bring a prisoner to your ship, where a prison area has been marked, the prisoner will aim to seek out such an area and stay there. You can also lead them to a specific prison area you’ve created.


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