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Space Haven – How to execute an away mission

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Away missions are executed by drafting both crew members and one or more shuttles and then moving them around manually to dock to derelict ships or other faction ships. The following steps illustrate how an away mission can be executed:


  • With crew members selected, order them to enter a shuttle. This automatically drafts the shuttle as well, although you can also manually draft the shuttle.


  • Once the crew members have entered the shuttle, select the shuttle and make sure it is drafted.


  • When the shuttle is selected you are able to give it commands and move it around.


  • With the shuttle selected, click the dock button and select a desired target, such as a derelict ship airlock.


  • Wait until the shuttle has docked.


  • With the shuttle selected, use the shuttle information window and press the exit buttons next to the crew member icons.


  • Select your crew members and explore the ship/station.


  • Once the ship/station is completely explored and all threats are eliminated, the ship/station is ready to be salvaged.


  • The salvage tab for the derelict ship can be found by selecting the derelict ship (In tactical menu).


  • Be sure to UNDRAFT both your crew members and the shuttle(s) parked at the derelict ship. This will make the crew members carry out orders they receive. Salvage falls under the construction priority in crew management menu.


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