Space Haven – Factions


The Earth was home to a great many people, of wide and varied beliefs, outlooks on life, morals, and objectives… not to mention humanity’s synthetic creations, the Androids. In the post-apocalyptic world, seven factions have emerged, some little more than a loose category, others a clearly defined group with firm beliefs and agendas.



These are:

The Android Collective – Synthetic humanoids who peacefully defected from humanity.


Civilians – also known as the Haven Foundation. A mix of explorers, refugees, and settlers searching for a new Earth.


The Cult of New Haven – A fervent church that preaches that humanity should never return to planetary life.


The Merchant Federation – Law-abiding, honest traders just looking to make a living and build a new economy.


The Military Alliance – Remnants of Earth’s major national armed services, banding together to keep the peace.


Pirates Coalition – A loose coalition of the desperate, driven to cruelty and anarchy by the hardships of deep space.


The Slavers Guild – Venal and callous merchants who think of human life as just another commodity.


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