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Space Haven – Expanding Fleet

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Expanding Fleet

Expanding the fleet can be done via the management menu. This menu can be found in the upper left corner of the user interface. The plus button next to your existing ship(s) buttons will open a “Create New Ship” menu, from which you are able to choose a desired spaceship canvas to start building on.


-A new spaceship canvas requires ship points, and the amount depends on the size of the canvas.


-Toggle through various canvas sizes (In the lower section of the menu) and drag one of your liking to the sector area (The upper section of the menu).


-You have now created a new ship canvas you can start building on. You can use the same tools as before and simply pan to the area of the new spaceship canvas to start building the new spaceship hull.


Even if the canvas is empty it still uses ship points and is referred to as a ship in the current sector.


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