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Space Haven – Taking Prisoners

Space Haven – Taking Prisoners

In crew combat situations, one of the sides becomes overwhelmed and eventually surrender. Surrendering is individual for each character and is calculated based on their traits and conditions, like getting hit by bullets. When the character gets more and more hurt, they are more prone to give up and surrender, fearing they might die otherwise. Both the player characters and the AI characters work in the same way.



When the Player wins:

When the whole boarding/defending AI crew has surrendered, an option to talk with the crew becomes possible. This is done by drafting a character and interacting with one of the other faction characters.


The communication menu will open with options to interact with the faction.


The player has the option to accept their surrender.


It is now possible to command the surrendered crew members to follow a player character. This is done by interacting with the surrendered crew members and choosing the “Follow me” command. Use this to have the surrendered crew members follow your own character back to one of your spaceships.


Once at the spaceship, the prisoners will seek out a prison area to stay at. You can also lead them to a specific prison area.



When the AI wins:

The AI will take one or many of your crew members as prisoners and lead them back to their own ship.


Your crew members will stay there until you contact them with your remaining crew (By hailing their ship) or initiate a conversation.


Even if all of your crew members are captured, the AI should eventually initiate conversation aboard their ship; this will give you the option to accept paying a settlement for your freedom.


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