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How to Get the First Blood Achievement

Achievement Description: Kill 1 Enemy.

Straight forward achievement you will unlock during the game’s tutorial. After you get the red katana defeat the first enemy you encounter to get this achievement.



How to Get the Took The Trash Out Achievement

Achievement Description: Defeat The Trasher.

This achievement is unlocked after defeating the boss named The Garbage Collector. The Garbage Collector boss can be found in the area called the Haunted Factory. This boss must be defeated to advance the storyline.



How to Get the Installing… Achievement

Achievement Description: Buy an upgrade from the tabb store.

This achievement is fairly straightforward. To unlock the Installing… achievement all you need to do is purchase an item from the Tabb Store. The Tabb Store is accessible when you are near a router which occurs naturally as the story progresses. You will need to have coins to purchase any of the upgrades available to you.



How to Get the Treasure Hunter & Treasure Master Achievements

Achievement Description: Find 5 & 20 treasure chests.

This achievement should occur naturally as you explore the world of Kunai. All you are looking to accomplish here is to open 5 & 20 treasure chests. Treasure chests can be found throughout the world and reward you with coins and items when opened.



How to Get the This is Sparta Achievement

Achievement Description: Kill 300 Enemies.

Simple combat based achievement that involves defeating 300 enemies. This will occur naturally over your playthrough if you are fighting enemies throughout.



How to Get the What Doesn’t Float Achievement
Achievement Description: Survive the airship attack.

You will unlock this achievement by following the main storyline. After the camp you will enter the airship. Reach the end of the airship and defeat Captain Koek to get this achievement to pop.



How to Get the Explorer Achievement

Achievement Description: Explore 200 rooms.

This achievement should unlock during the story as you basically need to explore 200 rooms for it to pop. If you don’t get it simply spend some time entering rooms you never visited and it should pop rather quickly.



How to Get The Guardian Achievement

Achievement Description: Defeat The Guardian.

To get this achievement advance the story to the Shuriken Shrine. Make your way through the shrine until you reach the boss room. Here you will fight The Guardian. Defeat The Guardian to earn this achievement.



How to Get the Deprecated Achievement

Achievement Description: Defeat The Deprecator.

This achievement is part of the main story. Head to the Abandoned Subnet and make your way through the tunnel heading to the east to the Crypto Mines. Along this tunnel you will encounter a boss fight with The Deprecator. Defeat The Deprecator to unlock this achievement.



How to Get the Dangerous Experiments Achievement

Achievement Description: Defeat Furious Ferro.

This is another story achievement you will unlock as you progress through the game. Make your way through the Haunted Factory until you reach the SMGs. Collect the SMGs and head into the room on the right to trigger the boss fight with Furious Ferro. Defeat this boss to unlock this achievement.



How to Get the Zensei Achievement

Achievement Description: Defeat Zensei.

When the time comes you will make your way to the top of some mountains to get an item that can destroy the rocks blocking your path. On top of this mountain you will encounter the Zensei. This boss battle is a bit different from other battles as you will need to complete a platforming sequence in order to complete the fight. When the fight is over you will get the Zensei achievement.



How to Get the Whoop Whoop Achievement

Achievement Description: Survive the police chase.

In Robopolis you will get arrested. Upon escaping from jail you will make your way to the SSD Floatanic. While the journey to this flying city you will be chased by the police. Escape the police by completing the side scroller to grab this achievement. You have to complete this sequence to advance the story.



How to Get the My Heart Will Go On Achievement

Achievement Description: Capture SSD Floatanics Core.

After you leave Robopololis you will arrive on the SSD Floatanics. This floating ship is helmed by a familiar captain, Captain Koek. Like our previous airship experience, we need to reach Captain Koek. Once you reach him interact with the core to trigger a cutscene that results in the ship going down. This unlocks the My Heart Will Go On achievement.



How to Get the Lemonkus Achievement

Achievement Description: Defeat Lemonkus.

With the Power Core in hand, you can activate the mech suit in the Haunter Factory. Doing this allows you to travel off earth to the hideout of Lemonkus. Lemonkus is the final boss of the game, so beating him unlocks the Lemonkus achievement and the credits roll.



How to Get the So Cool Achievement

Achievement Description: Join the cool club.

Inside the Quantum Forest make your way up to this area where my Tabby is once you’ve gotten all items upgraded. If you head up here the bouncer will say you have really cool guns and will grant you access to the locked room behind him. Inside this room the achievement will trigger and you can open a chest containing shades.



How to Get the Puzzle Complete & I Am Complete Achievements

Achievement Description: Collect 4 & 16 heart pieces.

Throughout Earth, you will find a total of 16 heart pieces. Collecting 4 pieces increases your total health. The first time you collect 4 heart pieces you will earn the Puzzle Complete achievement. If you collect all 16 heart pieces you will earn the I am complete achievement.


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