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Feel The Snow Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

Secret Achievements

Dark Heart

“Destroy the Dark Heart”


How to obtain: Random generated event marked in red and known as dark zone, there will always be one active, you must go and break the pillar in the middle of the zone while you try to defend yourself from the nightmares, once you break it you can use the crystal.


Tips: Go during the daytime so you can avoid normal generated nightmares in the dark zone, also carry some life potions with you just in case in the early levels.



Knigness winner

“Defeat the Queen Knigness”  1 186


How to obtain: Once you win against Knigness in the frozen cave.


Tips: When she starts using the shields you must remember the order of the colors she used because you’ll have to break the crystals in that same order.



Ancient Machine winner

“Defeat the Ancient Machine”4 10


How to obtain: Once you finish the dialogue with the Ancient Machine.


Tips: Use your shield to avoid the lateral rays, carry a spare sword just in case it breaks during the fight and kill the slimes before they reach the machine because they heal it.



Nameless Maiden winner

“Defeat Nameless Maiden”

4 11

How to obtain: After you win the match against the Nameless Maiden.


Tips: This is a 3-phase battle, the first one you have to try to hit the roots with the bombs you are getting thrown at, in the second one the bomber mob will spin following you until he gets tired, thats when you have to attack him, and the third one is against the Nameless Maiden, care when the cactus spawn because you’ll have to quickly go to the safe bubble spot.


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