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Carrion Cheats & Secrets

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Containment Units Locations & Puzzle Solutions

Before we start, do note that none of the Containment Units are missable. You can always come back to collect them after completing the game.



Containment Unit #1 – Hazardous Waste Landfill

DNA Ability: Echolocation

While trying to look for an exit, you’ll come across an open hallway – it should be directly above some Biomass in the corner. Once there, head inside the doorway to come across 2 guards and absorb the new DNA.



Containment Unit #2 – Frontier

DNA Ability: Polycheriria

Accessing this one requires you to have the Xiphorrhea ability. You need to head right from BSL-4 Research Ward and go all the way to the top-left of the screen to drop down into a pipe. You’ll need to break the wooden logs blocking the fan to access the 2nd Containment Unit.



Containment Unit #3 – Uranium Mines

DNA Ability: Electrosis

Accessing this Containment Unit requires you to have Hydrophilia, Xiphorrhea, and Photokinesis. In the area, you should see some wooden blocks with a diamond symbol behind them – it should be after the 1st hive. Break the barrier to drop down and swim your way to the Containment Unit. You’ll need to activate a switch to open the door leading there but it will also trigger the lasers which is where Photokinesis will come into play. Remember that staying still and shooting the generator will recharge you.



Containment Unit #4 – Botanical Gardens

DNA Ability: Pyrophilia

You need to head left from the exit sign in the open area and head inside the area directly above the save location. Continue left and you should see a diamond sign at the very end. You’ll need Hydrophilia to swim to the other side and then use Parasitism on the guard to open the barriers leading to the Containment Unit – use water at the bottom-left if you need to.



Containment Unit #5 – Leviathan Reef Base

DNA Ability: Pyrophilia

After arriving at Leviathan Reef Base, you need to head to the area with the water section and 4 ventilators – go a little up and to your right. You’ll need to use Harpagorrhea to move forward and then use Keratosis to avoid explosions and get the new DNA.



Containment Unit #6 – Relith Science HQ

DNA Ability: Electrosis

You’ll this Containment Unit on the right side of the exit of the Relith Science HQ. You’ll need Harpargorrhea and Photokinesis abilities to access it. The idea is to drop your Biomass outside and then use Photokinesis to open the gate. Once done, get the Biomass inside and use it to get the new DNA.



Containment Unit #7 – Nuclear Power Plant

DNA Ability: Electrosis II

This one is located near the machine gun in the Nuclear Power Plant. You’ll need Keratosis to avoid taking damage.



Containment Unit #8 – Armored Warfare Facility

DNA Ability: Electrosis III

This one requires you to head to the exit of the Armored Warfare Facility and check the area to your right. You won’t have to complete any fancy puzzles to access this one.



Containment Unit #9 – Bunker

DNA Ability: Polycheiria

During the last level, you’ll need to head over to the 1st Nuclear Core and find it in plain sight.


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