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Black Mesa PC Cheats & Secrets


In order to enable the developer console, you must enter the options menu and enter the keyboard section, here you must click the ‘advanced’ button, a popup will appear with two options, after clicking ‘enable developer console’, it can be opened and closed by pressing the button above Tab ⇆, known as the “tilde.” ~



Console Commands

The first command you will then want to enter into the console is:

SV_cheats 1


This allows commands flagged as cheats to be entered into the console.


impulse 101 – Gives you every weapon


god – Makes you invincible


noclip -Allows you to float as if there were no gravity



None Playable Characters

Command: npc_create “npc name”


  • npc_human_scientist


  • npc_human_grunt


  • npc_human_security


  • npc_sniper


  • npc_sentry_ground


  • npc_houndeye


  • npc_lav


  • npc_osprey


  • npc_alien_grunt


  • npc_human_medic


  • npc_human_commander




Command: give (weapon_name)


  • item_grenade_mp5


  • item_weapon_tripmine


  • item_healthcharger


  • item_suitcharger


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