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Chicken Police Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

How to Get The Secret Ending

To get the secret ending, you need to collect all Chicken Police novels in 1 playthrough. If you have collected all, you will get the secret ending after the credits.


Below are the locations of all 10 Chicken Police novels that spread throughout the game.


1- Chapter 1, Police Station, on the bench near Bosco.


2- Chapter 1, Outside of Hop-Dog, near the Fly-Guy on the ground.


3- Chapter 1, Natasha’s Room, in the chair behind Natasha.


4- Chapter 1, Mullen’s Newstand, on the ground.


5- Chapter 2, The Dock, on the ground.


6- Chapter 3, Bubo’s place, on the surgical table.


7- Chapter 3, Weekend House, on the hood of the police car.


8- Chapter 4, Insane Asylum, Albert’s Room, on the nightstand.


9- Chapter 4, Mullen’s Newstand, behind the glass of Chandler’s book store.


10- Chapter 4, Albert’s Bedroom, on the bed.


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