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Stoneshard – Cheats & Secrets

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Stoneshard Achievements

The following are all the achievements in the game and how you can get them:



Achievement – DescriptionExplanation

Absolutely Legal – Use Ether Inhaler – In the tutorial, destroy an explosive barrel. This will hurt you. Use the ether inhaler to treat your wounds.


Watch Me Rise – Complete the tutorial – Complete the tutorial.


Bella Lugosi is Dead – Disrupt Archon’s ritual – Defeat the tutorial boss.


Last Hope – Find the Stoneshard – After killing the first boss, go out of the church. The shard is located in a hole between three guys you rescue. Put the shard in your inventory.


That’s Brutal! – Die during the tutorial – Stand in range of the exploding barrels. This will kill you.


Comeback! – Have your health reduced to 1 point, survive and restore it back to at least 50% – Use enemies or traps to get to 1 hp. Be sure to survive and find a save spot. Rest in order to heal.


Dressed to Kill – Equip an item to every slot. Rings and amulet slots don’t count – Equip an item in every slot except ring and amulet.


Legalize Drugs and Murder – Kill any enemy while experiencing Bad Trip – Bad Trip is a status effect you get after consuming the Herbs Extract or with a little chance by stardust. Kill an enemy with this effect active.


Dear Diary… – Collect and read all 5 diary pages – Collect and read all 5 diary pages.


Right-click and read them all! Bad Luck Vampire Extravaganza Kill at least one vampire of every type in a single run.



All Diary Page Locations

Locations of all 5 pages:


1. In the tutorial in the right shelf.


BAA6C49E 3323 4DF2 B43F 7C8800AD2855


2 & 3.  You finished the tutorial and jumped through the hole in the floor there is a wardrobe with 2 pages.


4CFF6828 25FC 4CFA 95ED 785499EC83DF


4. Going down the stairs into the next area you’ll find a bonfire and a backpack with pager No 4.


44C9A730 FE03 4B8E A714 2F592205E9C7


5. After going up the stairs into the next area, the church, you’ll find page No 5 on a bench in front of the boss.


E8DCFF6E ED4D 4B39 B645 5D75A2703474


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