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Starsand: Cheats & Secrets


Cheats & Secrets

Tips & Tricks

  • You can shoot flaming arrows; they provide light to areas also. All you have to do is equip a bow, with an arrow in it, without aiming, put the arrow on a torch that’s placed on a wall or a fireplace, and congrats! You are firing away.


  • To Build walls, ladders, traps, placable torches, etc. Craft a hammer in the tool tab of the crating menus, with it equipped right-click to bring up the building dial, from there left click on the desired item.


  • Remember, fruit grows faster than the whole tree; if you cut one down, you have to wait longer for it to grow back and bear fruit. Stay kind to the plants, and they will reward you with a snack!


  • Camels must be fed twice before being your friend, feed the curvy horse once, and after a while, you can feed once again, and they will be your new companion! Don’t forget to keep them fed or they will leave you!


  • To feed a camel, you must have a bit of fruit in your inventory, go to their mouth and click R; no need to hold the fruit in your hands! Food includes any fruit but remember coconuts must be cut to feed them.


  • You can stack 5 spears which are perfect for throwing! Hold right-click to aim and left click to throw; they do more damage compared to arrows, a perfect alternative to dealing with unwanted pests.


  • To unlock new items to craft, there are scrolls hidden around the desert in mostly ruins. You can also inspect a few items to learn how to craft, for example, a furnace.


  • Coconuts are a sandrunners best friend! You can stack 20 at a time. To drink this green bowling ball, you must first remove the husk by hitting with your ax, sword, knife, and you will have coconut water to drink; once drunk, you can drop it on the ground and hit it again to eat the remains. Also, they can be used to craft a few helpful items! Great source of food and water (also camel friendly)


  • All placeable items and some building pieces like the foundation can be rotated with the arrow keys! Pair this with your character movement. You can perfect those fine placements!


  • All resource nodes and plant life grow back, so don’t worry if you cut down your favorite plant it will be back in a few in-game days! Look out for clay, stone, metal, and sulfur nodes!


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