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Crab Game: Cheats & Secrets

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Tips & Tricks

  • When you run and jump diagonally, your character will gain speed and, as a result, will be able to reach further distances. (Shift + Space + W + A) or (Shift + Space + W + D)


  • You can use this technique to get onto ladders faster and be launched by them at the end.


  • To slide on the ground indefinitely, press the following key combinations while running diagonally (Shift + W + A + Crouch) or (Shift + W + D + Crouch)


  • Don’t move when you’re in the icy slab and crumbling earth mode. Stand on the water and enjoy your free win as the ice/rock breaks.


  • To use voice chat, press V.


  • We do not recommend using other players as human shields. It shouldn’t be necessary, and it brings you closer to other players who may stumble you if they fall in front of you.


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