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Lunch Lady Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • Keep away from the Lunch Lady!


  • Find 10 blue folders each containing a page of the exam.


  • Find keys for hallway A, B, C, Stairway, and Principal’s office.


  • When you find a key, open all doors that key can open as soon as you can.


  • Once you have all 10 pages of the exam, everyone (who is standing) must be at the entrance, where you started.


  • When you hear Lunch Lady muttering then she is NEAR.


  • Don’t run down hallways for a long time with Lunch Lady behind you, she will throw things (knives) and knock you down; duck into a room.


  • Remember which rooms have back rooms or two exits, these are best to run into when fleeing and close the door.


  • It is easy to miss the blue folders, and even easier to miss the keys. Keep looking.


  • Don’t heal yourself when the Lunch Lady is near … if she comes near when you are healing then STOP HEALING.


  • Don’t hide in dead-end places, you can run around tables. The principal’s office is not a good place to hide!


  • There’s a valve (in the cafeteria) that periodically pumps steam that can down you.


  • There are single-use medkits, which you can find but only carry one at a time, that can allow you to help a downed player: aim at them and hold down E until they get up, or help yourself up: hold down the mouse button until you are healed.


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