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Baldur’s Gate 3 Cheats & Secrets

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Recruitable Companions

Companion #1 – Shadowheart

This is the first companion that you can recruit in your party as Shadowheart appears right after the tutorial or Prologue of the game. When you are done with the Prologue, head towards the Ravaged Beach full of dead bodies.


You will find Shadowheart banging on a door trying to get through it. Simple walk over to her and talk to her. This will allow you to recruit her in your party.



Companion #2 – Gale

Gale is another companion that is pretty easy to recruit in your party. Gale is a wizard that comes with his own unique abilities and combat mechanics that help you massively in combat against enemies.


Gale appears after the first fight you encounter against enemies with Shadowheart in your party. Gale appears out of a waypoint, where you can talk to him and recruit him in your party as well.



Companion #3 – Astarion

Astarion is another early companion that you can find after the Prologue, where he can be found at the Ravaged Beach with the dead bodies. You might run into him before you find Gale or after, depending on the game conditions.



Companion #4 – Lae’zel

Lae’zel is another companion that you can recruit, however, there isn’t just one way to unlock her and she shows up depending on the conditions of the gameplay. You might find her after you recruit Gale where she will be imprisoned in a cage. Or you can find her in Ravaged Beach coming out from a portal.


When you do eventually find her, you have to talk to her to invite her in your party.



Companion #5 – Wyll

Wyll is a pretty decent guy that fights alongside you wielding a sword. To recruit him, you first have to go to The Hollow. You can find him at a campsite training a young NPC. The process of recruiting Wyll is pretty much the same, and it requires you to invite him to the party.


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