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Back 4 Blood Cheats & Secrets

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Take Advantage!

Almost every level in Back 4 Blood has a door with a distinctive marking that can only be opened with a tool kit. There’s a lot of free ammunition, guns, cards, and healing stuff within. These chambers can be a lifesaver if you’ve just finished a tough battle and are running low on health.


Weapons will be discovered during your adventures, and weapons of higher rarity will always have superior stats. As soon as feasible, change your initial weapon. Weapons are also equipped with useful modifications. If you come across a red-colored mod, make sure to replace it with a new one.


Not only does the Ridden pose a threat, keep an eye out for flocks of birds. If you frighten them, they’ll warn any surrounding hordes, ruining your day. Keep an eye out for contextual cues since they will hint at what to expect. Signs might set off alarms, so be extra cautious when inspecting the environment.


Please take advantage of every Intel Folder you come across, as they may either reward you with a free active card or enable you to pay money for a more powerful bonus.


Before leaving a location, rummage around for coins. When a crisis comes, the more money you have, the more spending power you have. Having a partner that can feel coins with the card can be quite useful.



Increase the volume!

Audio cues may alert you to the presence of adversaries and help your team plan ahead. It’s also important to be able to communicate well with your teammates. Communicating with one another is always a fantastic approach to improve your chances of surviving. Prioritize foes, exchange improvements, and supplies, and let others know if you need rest or explore.



Make your cards work together!

Stacking stamina or ammunition enhancements might help you get a head start and make future confrontations go more smoothly.



Make sure your weapons are in sync.

You’ll have a better time in the future if you ensure that not everyone is hunting for the same ammunition. Back 4 Blood has two types of damage: regular and trauma damage. Bandages and medkits can treat the former, but trauma damage necessitates the use of first aid facilities, which are most often hidden behind supply caches. Painkillers are only a band-aid for trauma damage. Purchase toolkits whenever you have the opportunity. This gives you access to hidden locations with important supplies, such as the first aid stations described earlier.


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