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Sorbetta: Gravely in Debt – Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

How to Get The True Ending

Head back to Key-Anu. After your little chat, you now have to get the 100k gold you owe Sherberta.


There are several ways to do so:


  • -Grind enemies.


  • -Sell loot.


  • -Every minute the bar makes money. The more recipes turned in, the greater the amount. Just wait for the money.


Once you have the 100k DO NOT go to Key-Anu. Instead, head to the lake in town, and read the sign. Apparently the duck is a little thief and has the key to the locked shack in town. When it gets close enough to interact, do so and get the key. Head to the shack and open it up. Defeat Brutus inside and then leave and re-enter to trigger the letter.


Read the letter and head to the house on the hill in the world map.


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At the top of the hill is Hawk. Talk to him to have Sherberta come out of nowhere and clean his clock. Interact with him TWO more times to get all the items he has on him. Be sure to equip them.


Once this is all done, interact with the well for a fast travel back to town, then head to Key-Anu and tell him you’re ready now. You’ll go outside and encounter Sherberta. You both fight and decide the only way to end this is by ARENA COMBAT.


The game asks you to save. Do so and head into the arena cutscene. Once the battle starts, just defeat Fel Seed to win the game. One thing to keep an eye out for is her special ability.


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Make sure to stun her (both Sorbetta & Sherberta have stun abilities) before she can get it off. If you need an edge, Sherberta’s XXXX ability gives Fel Seed a permanent speed decrease.


Kill her and get the True Ending.


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