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Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Part I – Cheats & Secrets

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Full Game Walkthrough

Greg’s Apartment

Open the refrigerator and grab the Ketchup. Grab the Bread from the top of the refrigerator. Combine the Ketchup and Bread. Use the Ketchup Sandwich on Greg. Interact with the Breaker Box.


Palace Overlook

Exit East to Sebastian’s Work Site.


Sebastian’s Work Site

Exit East to Unfathomable Doom Lane.


Unfathomable Doom Lane

Interact with the Hollow Log. While near the Hollow Log, talk to Squiggles to get him to help try to push the Hollow Log. Cross the bridge. Look at the Ferry Sign. Exit NE to Tavern Exterior.


Tavern Exterior

Look at the Ferry Sign. Enter the Tavern.


Tavern Interior

Pick up the Prune Syrup. Ask the Barista or Hipster Pirates about the Ferry. Ask the Hipster Pirates about their boat, giving you a ride, sailing again, coffee, and the music. Exit to Tavern Exterior.


Tavern Exterior

Talk to Lamar about his performance. Ask about the Great Lyre, then offer to help. Ask about Jingles, offer to help find her, and Greg is given the Flute. Exit North to Unfathomable Doom Lane.


Unfathomable Doom Lane

Go down the path to the Mini-Golf Hut. Exit SE to Abigail’s House Exterior.


Abigail’s House Exterior

Exit East to Museum Exterior.


Museum Exterior

Look at the Wanted Sign. Exit East to Museum Interior


Museum Interior

Pick up the Star Chart off the back wall and the Wooden Hand off the mannequin. Exit West to Museum Exterior


Museum Exterior

Look at the Firecracker. Talk to Squiggles, ask him to help get the Firecracker. When the dialog option appears, tell him to use the Wooden Hand. Exit North to Bug Battlefield.


Bug Battlefield

Pick up the Sparklers.


Museum Interior.

Light one of the Sparklers on the Candle.


Bug Battlefield

Put the Firecracker in the Cake. Light the Firecracker with the Lit Sparkler. Use the Wooden Hand on the Termite-Infested Tree to get the Termite Hand.


Museum Exterior

Exit South to Projector Hill


Projector Hill

Talk to Fabian. Ask him questions until he tells you what he’s doing with the Projector. Ask to look at the Projector, tell him there are some stars missing, and tell him the Great Lyre is missing.


Use the Projector. In the closeup view, use the Starmap on Squiggles. Recreate the Great Lyre by shifting around the cards. You recreate the Lyre using ONLY FOUR projector cards, but they can be arranged together in any of the four corners for it to work. The orientation here is tricky, as the map is rotated slightly clockwise compared to how it will look on the projector cards; in other words, the top of the map aligns with the NW side of the projector. Each space between grid lines on the map corresponds to a specific card on the projector. The top left card has 3 dots, the top right card has 1, the bottom left card has 2 dots, and the bottom right card has only one. Cards used to make the Lyre have no other dots on them besides the ones used to form the lyre. When you get it right, the dots will glow and a cutscene will play.


Abigail’s House Exterior

Knock on the Door. Claim you are a distant relative and pick any option.


Abigail’s House Interior

Ask for some tea. Pick up the Hard Candy. Stand right by the piano and click the Flute on Greg. Tell Jingles about Lamar missing him and about the Lyre reappearing.


Unfathomable Doom Lane

Walk back up to the Hollow Log and use the Termite Hand on it. Ask Squiggles to help push the log over. Use the Termite Hand on the Bridge.



Pick up the Sock. Use the Sock on the Puddle of Water. Walk East. Use the Sock on both Mushrooms. Pick up the Rock. Use the Rock on the Catcher’s Mitt. Look at the Moonstone.


Under Water

Swim to the top of the screen and unplug the Flotation Device, then pick it up. Use the Flotation Device on the opening under the stone dome. Click on the Air Tank Hose, then click on the Flotation Device. Head back to Unfathomable Doom Lane after the cutscene.


Unfathomable Doom Lane

Talk to the Golf Attendent and ask to play golf. Click on the golf ball. Click to the right of Greg to stop playing golf. Use the Prune Syrup on the Bucket. Pick up the Putter. Use the Hard Candy on the ball. Click the Golf Ball again and win the game. Greg gets the Thermos after the cutscene.


Tavern Interior

After Jingles and Lamar play, give the Thermos to the Hipster Pirates. Tell them you want to set sail.



Walk West to trigger a cutscene. Light a Sparkler on the Broken Street Light. Walk up the stairs. Pick up the Pie. Pick up the Nitro Glycerin. Combine the Pie and Nitro Glyceryn. Open the Oven. Put the Nitro Pie in the Oven. Put the Lit Sparkler in the Pie.


Pick up the Magazine and click it on Squiggles to read it. Turn the page and see the advertisement. Walk west and use the phone. Ask to talk to Dreamland Aviation Enthusiast. Purchase a hang glider for 1. Mooning 2. Starry Lane 3. Number Six.



Walk to the East. Take a Ticket from the machine. Talk to the Prince, answer “I’ve never heard anything so brave,” then “I can tell you put a lot of effort into that one,” then “That’s very intimate and original.” Ask the Prince what he is doing there. Offer to trade tickets, tell him he doesn’t want to come in this way anyway, then tell him to climb the palace walls.




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