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Bugsnax Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

How to Get All Tools


Snakpack is your backpack that is with you when you start the game. The backpack has limited capacity at first but it can be upgraded to increase the holding capacity.



Filbo gives you the SnaxScope at the game start. This tool allows you to increase your knowledge about Grumbpuses and also helps in solving many mysteries in Snaktooth Island.


Snak Trap

When you return with your first captured bugsnax to Filbo, he will reward you with the Snak Trap. The Snak Trap can be used to capture various mid-sized Bugsnax. Be careful while using it as it can be destroyed by fire.


Sauce Slinger

The Sauce Slinger is unlocked by completing the ‘Bull Pen’ quest. This is one of the more useful and important tools in Bugsnax as it helps you sling sauce to attract certain bugsnax and can be used to lead them into your placed trap or near you. Sauce Slinger tool will be required to capture Shishkabug and Bunger Bugsnax.


Bug Net

Bug Net has the same importance as Sauce Slinger being one of the most useful tools. It is obtained as a reward for completing the quest ‘Burger Time’. Bug Net allows you to get close to a bugsnax to try and catch it.



The Journal is obtained as a reward for completing the quest ‘Higher Learning’. The quest is assigned to you by Beffica after you finish helping Wambus. The Journal allows you to store different types of information like quest progress, number of bugsnax captured and scanned, the map and tools you have obtained.



The Snakivator is obtained when you reach Simmering Springs and is a part of quest ‘Mystery Grumpus’. This tool helps you control limb transformation and allows you to select which part of the body will get transformed.


Buggy Ball

The Buggy Ball is obtained during quest ‘Have a Ball’ and will be given by Gramble in Simmering Springs. This tool has a little strabby Bugsnax which can be moved in desired direction through a laser pointer. Buggy Ball will help you catch Poptick bugsnax.



The Lunchpad is obtained when you reach Scorched Gorge and is part of quest ‘Don Quixote’. Head to Cromdo who will be a grumpus calling you out. He will offer you the Lunchpad for the quest. In order to keep it permanently, you will need to catch three Cheepoofs and feed them to Cromdo in the quest ‘Caveat Emptor’.

The launchpad is useful to clear places from webs ad catching flying bugsnax. It can also be used to launch Snak Trap tool in difficult to reach areas.



This tool is obtained from Snorpy in the quest ‘Get Hooked’. The Snakgrappler allows you to interact with the terrain from a distance and fetch your traps.


Trip Shot

The Trop Shot is obtained as part of the quest ‘Don’t Trip’ in Sugarpine woods. It is a very useful tool and allows you to catch Bugsnax such as Cobhopper etc.


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