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Prison Simulator: Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

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1 – Bottle

The bottle can be found under the stairs in Block B.



2 – Soap

The soap can be found to the left of the dirty laundry basket in the shower room.



3 – Pigeon Feather

The feather can be found tied to a package outside the basketball fence in the prison yard.



4 – Shank

The shank can be found in cell B15 under the bed.



5 – Lipstick

The lipstick can be found next to the fruit bowl in the guard room.



6 – Pruno

The pruno can be found in the toilet of cell B04.



7 – Bloody Nails

The bloody nails can be found in the infirmary, on the left side of the 2nd bed near the wall.



8 – Psych Evaluations

The psych evaluation documents can be found in the trash in the warden’s office, to the left of his desk.



9 – Beanie

The beanie can be found in the workshop, to the right of the file workbench. (Right after you walk into the workshop)



10 – Toy Locomotive

The toy locomotive can be found in the 2nd cell to the right in death row, under the bed.


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