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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to Get Out of Prison

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How to Get Out of Prison

You will get in prison on your second visit to Zeffo. To leave the prison, use the pull on the panels on the sides. There is a power outlet to the left of the locked door. And the plug with cable you will find behind the only panel on top. It also needs to be pulled. Insert the plug into a power outlet.


Ahead will be another room with a riddle. Go to the working device in the far right corner. Pull the plug out of the equipment to the left. Plug this shaker into the outlet near the aisle where you came from. Insert the cable hanging in the same passage into the wall on the right. The way will open further. And to open the camera with the BD-1, you need to pull out the plug, swing on the cable and jump up. Then insert the plug into the outlet on top of the camera. The further way is simple.


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