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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Cheats & Secrets

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Cheats & Secrets

All Safe Code Locations

Blue Palace

  • To get the blue palace safe code in the Shallows, you have to talk to the black woman on the opposite side of the street when you first enter the Shallows. And you have to complete her quest, and afterwards she gives you the code.


  • The safe is located in the room to the left when you enter the building via the front door



Golden Lions

  • The golden lions safe code is in the blue building in the Ward (on the map) on the first floor in the office near the staircase.


  • The safe is located in the white house (yellow on the map) in Via Carolla. Go to the right side of the house, and there you should be able to climb up into the room with the safe.




  • The code is located inside the east wing of the school in Rampart in the ‘Band Room.’


  • The safe is located in the destroyed yellow house in Old Town (blue on the map). On the 2nd floor in a destroyed room.



Jazz Men

  • The code is on the first floor of the destroyed yellow house in Bastion.


  • The safe is in The Resting Place if you go through the catacombs opposite of the Jazz men statues, by the white van.



All Angel Statue Locations

  • Resting Place: Behind the Coffin when you first contact May (not physical contact).


  • Shallows: The Attic of the Blue Mansion, acquire the key from the first NPC encounter in The Shallows.


  • Via Corolla: In a closet within a cabinet on the floor to the right on the first floor by the stairs in the Tower hideout, in a closet.


  • Old Town: Underneath desk in the Tarped-up Alleyway (Possible Survivor encounter there), Closest to the Old Town Safe building.


  • Memorial Lane: Red Building (Tower infested personnel if during Story), Second floor in a Large Storage room, has an armored mannequin in the room.


  • Rampart: Art room of the School Building.


  • The Ward: Warehouse area, near the encounter of the lone reclaimed soldier, in the Shipping and Logistics building. The large blue highlighted area on the map, furthest from the first skiff.


  • Bastion: Yellow Building, Neighbors house behind Trash bags (No Zombies if during the Storyline)


  • Bywater: Car Shop/Garage, Hidden Attic.


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