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WORLD OF HORROR – Cheats & Secrets

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Chain Smoker

Have 30 Cigarettes in your inventory at once.


This one is pretty easy. Start an Easy difficulty game as Haru (the Yakuza guy), and go to the shop. Simply keep going into and out of the shop until you can buy two more units of Cigarettes, then “use” all three in your inventory.


Unlocks Foreign Cigarettes.



Junior Priest

Purify 2 locations in one playthrough.



Paranoia Agent

Defeat an enemy with the Baseball Bat.


Defeat one enemy with the Baseball Bat weapon.



Peeping Tom

Find the hole in the painting.



Perfect Disguise

Enter the Overgrown Factory while wearing a Ritual Robe and Kurakosa Mask.



Frequent Buyer

Shop for items ten times in one run.


Another easy one. Simply enter, leave and re-enter the shop ten times in one playthrough.


Unlocks the Dog Treats item, which when held lowers all shop prices by 1 FND.



Junior Scout

Investigate 20 locations with a Compass equipped.


Another fairly easy one. Buy a Compass as early in the playthrough as possible and just have it equipped while you play your game, and you’ll unlock this.


Unlocks the Map item, which has a chance to lower DOOM while exploring, and is also usable in certain events.



House of Paper

Take a hostage as Miku while wearing the Tokyo outfit.



This Is For My Friends

Defeat the Mad Janitor as Aiko.


Start a game as Aiko, and if the Mermaid case isn’t in your list of cases, restart until it is. Simply play the case normally, and when you defeat him the achievement is yours.


Unlocks Ikumi, a follower.



Wait For It

Prepare an attack during combat, but do not attack in that round.


It seems a little buggy. Use the Prepare Attack action and nothing else, not even another Prepare Attack. Make sure the turn is 1 Prepare Attack and nothing else.


Unlocks the Pocket Knife, which allows you to escape from combat once with no DOOM penalty.



Team Kill

Backstab a follower.


It seems to be bugged at the moment, as even when you select your follower and click the “kill” button nothing happens.



Say Hello

Meet your _other_ neighbor.



True Idol

Have 4 followers at once.


Very easy achievement to get. Go to the Schoolyard and simply ask or threaten people to follow you.


Unlocks the Seal of Savvesh spell.



Classy Ritual

Sacrifice a follower with the Ritual Dagger equipped.



Peeking Tom

Defeat a school wraith haunting the corridor.


Unlocks the Seal of Bramel, another spell.




Call Junko.



Paid in Blood

Have a follower die in combat.


When you have a follower, there is an option in Support Actions to have your followers attempt to distract the enemy. This action has a chance to kill the follower, so simply do that until your follower dies.


Unlocks Ryuichi, a follower.




Exorcise a ghost.




Research five spells in one playthrough.


Easy achievement. Go to the School Library and simply research five spells.


Unlocks the Army Knife.



Transfer Girl

Beat the game as the first character, Kirie Minami.



Fit Girl

Beat the game as the second character, Aiko Takahashi.



Thug Survivor

Beat the game as the third character, Haru.



Idol Survivor

Beat the game as the third character, Mizuki Hamasaki.



Reporter Survivor

Beat the game as the fifth character, Kouji Tagawa.


The in-game achievement list says this achievement unlocks the Samurai outfit, but I think it may be bugged – that outfit was already available to me for Haru. I think this achievement unlocks the Leather Rebel outfit for Kouji.



Student Survivor

Beat the game as the sixth character.



Chaos Survivor

Beat the game as the seventh character.



Bad Luck

Roll a 1 during an event stat check.


Trust me – this is going to happen eventually.


Unlocks the Hermit, a follower.



From The Brink

Defeat an Old God with over 90% DOOM.



Need No Education

Burn down the school.


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