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Lilitales – Cheats & Secrets

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Easter Eggs and Hidden Content

Post-endgame content

Take Airi down to the bottom of the Shandora Ruins for a hidden boss. Beating this will get you Airi’s final weapon.


Take Cless and talk to the Antiques Dealer in the church for a sidequest.



Other stuff

Using Analyzer on a party member gives some “information” on her, including her physical measurements, hobby, and “weakness”. Oh, Japan.


In the Qanat, you can use the Feather Anklet to walk through the water areas. Some of the channels lead outside the map and can lead to unusual items.


  • B2 mid-left edge: Mole (dev message)


  • B2 middle of the map: Magic Ward accessory


  • B3 top-right edge: Hamama (very hard boss)


During the final battle against the parasite, Jill will stop you if you try to eat any of Luna’s cooking.


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