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SONG OF HORROR – Mansion 2F Map Guide (Puzzle Solutions)

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Mansion 2F Map Guide

Mansion 2F Map, objects and locations as well as solutions to puzzles.


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C1: Black and white photo

C2: Second letter from Isaac Färber

C3: Construction plan of the Husher Mansion

C4: Fourth letter from Isaac Färber

C5: Third letter from Isaac Färber

C6: Mashas records

C7: Second picture from Saul



Important places:

A: Dishtowel

B: Doll’s house puzzle


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C: Grill tongs

D: Remote control

E: Superglue

F: Black Doll

G: Metal hook

H: Blue Doll

I: Red Doll



“Not Available” Location:


The power must be restored or you will die when you enter.



Only accessible if you have driven away the shadows with the spotlight on the balcony.



Only accessible if you combine the superglue and the metal ring.


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