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I Am Dead – All Riddle Solutions Guide

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All Riddle Solutions

Below, the solution to each area’s five riddles is given.



Yapp’s Head Lighthouse

The Riddle list is in the yoga room position poster


Unexpected Spider – In the first-floor foyer. Check the Shoe and Coat Rack, and open the Oar in a Boot. Zoom all the way in, and you’ll find a spider.


Upward Dog – In EM’s Room, second to the roof floor. On the board game shelf, open the middlebox, called Downward Dog. The Yellow Dog playing piece standing upright is the solution.


Resting Robin – In the basement. In the diving helmet on one of the shelves, zoom in. The skull of Robin Firth inside is the solution.


Hungry Caterpillar – In the second floor Kitchen. Open the fridge, and then open the lettuce on the lowest shelf. Zoom all the way in to see a caterpillar munching down.


Misplaced Control – In the lounge, on the second floor. Open the Comfy Armchair, and zoom all the way in. A Lost Remote Control is trapped to the side.



Sculpture Park Riddles

The riddle list is at the Valerie Outram’s Commemorative Bench, in the hiking trail map.


Lucky Rabbit’s Run – Also at the Commemorative Bench. Behind the bench is a dirt mound, which is actually a rabbit’s den. To the side is a pair of Fisherman’s boots, which is the solution.


Long Yolk Stretch – Head to the Picnic ( a separate scene between the Top and the Birdhouses). Within the Picnic Basket is a Gala Pie (with a long boiled egg running through it), which is the answer.


The Truncated Route -. At the Pilgrimage Statue, head to the Treehouse. A Tree Stump ( a truncated root) is the answer.


Arrow Flint Down – Right next to the above, by the Treehouse. Zoom in to the actual treehouse and, between the siblings, is Katie & Arthur’s Secret Treasure Box. An arrowhead is inside and is the solution.


Auld Lairdslumbering – At The Laird As A Camel. Enter the statue and select the Laird’s Coffin.



Old Town Riddles

At the Signpost, the bands on the Event Board are the riddle names


Hard Cell – At the Harbour Arm. The big concrete structure to the right, the Shelmerston Computer (a concrete cell), is the answer.


Houdini Cephalopod – Go to the Fish Market. At the upper stall, Gaston Parry’s, enter the Water Tower. Zoom in to find Slippery Derek, the Houdini octopus.


Royal Tuber – At Laura Baxter’s Allotment. A plant box by the compost bin holds a King Edward Potato, the solution.


The Worms – Also at Laura Baxter’s Allotment, right next to the above. The Compost Bin is full of worms and is such a solution.


The Wizard Seagull – Behind the leftmost business, The Big Scoop. Behind the parlor is a cardboard Box, where Gerry the seagull wears an ice cream cone like a hat and is the answer.



Campsite Riddle

Riddle list is found at Race HQ, within the magazine on the bench.


Shroomy Turbotank – The Water Butte behind the Campsite Main Office is infested with Persistent Waxcap mushrooms.


Least Season’s Old Banger – They mean banger in the British sense, a sausage. On Pitch 16 & 17, click on the BBQ and zoom in for a Burnt Sausage stuck in the coals.


Bivalve Goldheart – On the Mussel Pole by the Shell race track. Cut in for the golden pearl in the upper mussels.


El Gran Cabellero Jr. – Inside the play area. Within the play tunnel, there are two luchadores and a snake with a luchador-shaped bulge in its belly. Click on the snake and then it’s stomach bulge for this luchador. This also goes for the Suplex Achievement.


The Nippy Sculler 100 – To the left side of the Wash Block building. Zoom in on the log pile, to the brick beneath it. Beneath that brick is several insects. The long centipede, the Common Cryptops, is the riddle solution.



Boats of Shelmerston Riddles

The riddle page is the Know Your Concrete Armour Units! poster inside the SEADEF barge’s office.


Hidden Diamond – Also in the Barge office. On the Break Table, check under the hard hat for a hidden diamond playing card.


Lonely Mouse Ball – Right next to the poster, in the SEADEF Barge Office. Head to the computer desk, and look beneath it for the Lost Mouse Ball.


Stationary Honing Device – Also in the Barge’s office. On the Break Table, zoom into the Foul Mug to find a pencil sharpener hidden at the bottom.


Wee Secret Weapon – On the Maisy-Louise. Enter the Galley, and check the smallest pair of boots by the lockers. In Wee Rab’s boots, you’ll find Wee Rab’s Knife.


Captain’s Sausages – On the Queen of the Isles Ferry. In the captain’s Private Cabin, check the lockers. A tin of sausages is in the upper right one, under the hanging shirt.



Museum Riddles

The list is in the lighthouse case, on the poster of rocks.


The Encrusted Crown – In the Festival of the Sea case. The Whelken Crown on the left side of the case is the answer.


The Tiny Lord – Inside the Legend of the Camel case. Inside the Shelmerston Hall Scale Model, there is a tiny little scale model of the Laird.


Paddling Puss – In the Cabinet of Curiosites. Bosphorus the swimming Cat, the blue block in the middle, is the solution.


The Girdled Cushion – In the Gansey Knitting on Shelmerston case. By the belt on the right side is a pincushion, which is the answer.


The Second Serpent – Inside the Shelmerston Silver band Case. There is a literal serpent inside the curvy instrument called the Serpent.


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