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Lucius – All of The Chores and Their Solutions

Lucius - All of The Chores and Their Solutions

This guide will help you get the “Mommy’s little helper” achievement and will help you make the game more fun by getting all the presents for Lucius because you made him appear like a good boy. There are 8 (+2) chores that Lucius can get from different people in the house to make his behavior status go up. The chores and the solutions for them are as follows…



Chores from Nancy (Lucius’s mother)

You will get five chores in the following order:



Clean my room. (1)

Collect five toy cars in your room one by one into the wooden chest filled with other toys.



Brush my teeth. (2)

There is a bathroom marked WC on the map on the same floor as Lucius’s room. On the bathroom sink, there are cups; one of them holds the toothbrush that you need to take, and while it’s in the hands of Lucius, run the sink.



Take out the garbage. (3)

In the kitchen, under the sink, open the cabinet and take the black garbage bag out. Go out to the garden and go behind the shed, there you will find the trashcans. Put down the bag and lift the lid of the trashcan closest to the shed. Use Telekinesis (second ability) to put the bag in the bin.



Find earrings. (4)

Jovita’s bedroom has the earrings that are the first room in front of you when you go underneath the left side staircase and into the living quarters. It’s on the table, a black box opened up, revealing the earrings. Grab it, then give it to Nancy.



Collect laundry into correct baskets by color. (5)

Collect any underwear or socks you can find, and one by one, get them into the baskets in the utility room. White clothing goes in the left; colored clothing goes in the right basket. If your behavior status is on 0%, you will need to collect ten pieces of clothing. Every piece of clothing gets you 10%.

(If you do one chore, you can get the next by talking to Nancy.)



Chores from staff members

Jed – Move to meet boxes.

Move the meat boxes from the Cold Room to the Freezer. Only available in chapter 4!



Will – Find a tool for mechanics.

Go into the storage room and grab the keys from the wall that opens the chain doors. Open the middle one and go in; the tire iron is on the top of a box to your right. You will need to open the door again on your way out to give it to Will.



Alastair – Find a bottle of 33 wine.

The wine cellar uses Telekinesis (second ability) to grab a bottle from the upper shelf without a date label.



Hidden chores

Two hidden chores won’t appear in Lucius’s notebook:



Antonio, the gardener

Bring him gasoline from the garage. Gives behavior status points. Only available in chapter 4!



Michael the driver

Bring him his cassette that you can find on a small table underneath the left side staircase in the living quarters. It won’t give you behavior status points. I needed to progress in chapter 14!


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