Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition - All Modification Blueprint Locations Guide - MGW

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition – All Modification Blueprint Locations Guide

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition - All Modification Blueprint Locations Guide

Jungle Mod Locations (21) (some of these are quest rewards, some that can be acquired later)

Nail’d Mod On the table to the left just before entering the Paradise Survival Camp.


Bodily Harm Mod In the building where the weapon repair station is by the 3 blue gas tanks.


By James Nisira’s Bungalow (Deadzone).


Sharp Edge Mod Inside the Mataka Village Bungalows (Deadzone).


Lightning Mod Quest Reward from Zoey.


Molotov Blueprint Wayne’s Shop for $285 (before chapter 6).


Diamond Edge Mod Inside Crossroads Bungalow (Deadzone).


Barbed Wire Mod Inside Marik’s Marina Warehouse (Boat Engine Location).


Venom Mod In the cave by the water closest to the Biosphere Lab.


Impact Mod Quest reward from Harlow (before chapter 7).


Tesla Mod Quest reward from Harlow (before chapter 7).


Pick-and-ohm Mod Quest Reward from Harlow (before chapter 7).


Paralyzing Strike Mod Haili Village repair table.


Shock Mod At the building at the end of the pier near the Ocean View Bungalows (Deadzone).


Liquid Fire Mod Marcus’ quest reward in the Deadzone.


Torch Mod Quest reward from Henry.


Magic Wand Mod Quest reward from Henry.


Ripper Mod Where you had to search the treehouse for Maggies friends.


Rending Claws Mod The northern building at Marik’s Marina, accessed by the roof when acquiring the water pump.


Weighted Mod In the caravan where you help Alfred, west of the helicopter wreck.


Nuts and Bolts Mod On the back of a car, located on an island with a caravan and a campsite, just north.


Of the Abandoned Bungalow (Deadzone) near Paradise Village.


Hot Rod Mod Quest reward from Miya.



Biosphere Lab (1)

Tesla Bomb Knife Mod In the building at the end of the minefield on the upper level under a bed.



The Tunnels (5)

Medieval Mod At the first crossroad, take a left (dead end).


High Voltage Mod Go back to the crossroads and take the left path again. Beat the thug, and there is a door near where he was standing that you can break through. It’s in the backroom on some metal shelving.


Pride Shotgun Mod Behind Kessler’s second sample (the dead wrestler).


Poison Bomb Blueprint In the big area inside the central structure one floor from the top.


Lightning Storm Mod Next to where you grab the key from the smugglers, there are also 2 metal cases in the room as well.



Ferry Terminal (5)

Pistol Ammo Mod Inside the fenced-off area between the tunnels and the ferry station on the seat of a pick car.


Justice Mod On the beach, inside the lifeguard tower.


Glazed Mod At the end of the first pier, on the desk.


Heavy Mod Upstairs, in the backroom of the Ferry Station.


Shockwave Mod Inside the warehouse that opens when the Horde starts near Audio #7’s location.



Henderson (34)

Saw Disc Axe Mod Inside Henderson ferry station.


Exploding Meat Blueprint After crossing the bridge from the bank, take a left down the stairs and follow the path to the end. It’s behind the last box.


Short-Circuit Mod Also, just after crossing the bridge, where the repair station is in the house, just before the water.


Deathstalker Mod In the repair station that is north of the Infected Basement (Deadzone), which is just west of the cinema, where Damien is located.


Shredder Mod Just south of the military bridge is a man named Alex; he sells it for $2,750.


Pride Gun Mod Buy from Alex for $1,320.


Detox Rifle Mod Buy from Alex for $1,320.


Shark Mod Buy from Alex for $2,750.


Inferno Mod Buy from Alex for $1,430.


Detox Shotgun Mod Buy from Alex for $1,320.


Piranha Mod Inside Geoffrey Nape’s Warehouse (Deadzone).


Shock Gun Mod Outside the military medical tents at the southwest point of the compound.


Shock Rifle Mod At the top of a ladder, east of the fast travel point.


Electric Storm Mod At the repair station that is to the right of the base entrance.


Slash Mod Inside Metzger Sloat’s Hideout (Deadzone).


Assassin’s Poison Mod Near Metzger Sloat’s Hideout (Deadzone), where you have to jump into the water section where the scaffolding is, at the top of the highest scaffold point.


Sonic Pulse Grenade Blueprint Behind the stage where you play Sam B’s music as a distraction.


Shock Shotgun Mod Where the Villa Henderson is, you have to climb a ladder. It’s also where you save Eva.


Sticky Bomb Mod In the basement of the Makeshift Hospital.


Toxic Mod At the repair station directly under Dr J.J. Evans Clinic (Deadzone).


Detox Gun Mod At the pharmacy just south of the Infested Depot (Deadzone).


Hooligan Gun Mod Inside the Infested Storage (Deadzone).


Hooligan Rifle Mod Inside George Serero’s Apartment (Deadzone).


Meat Bait Blueprint On the western front where you saved Gianna there is a blue roof area; jump over the barrel to the right to access this one.


Old Smoky Mod Inside Joel Chubalba’s Motel (Deadzone).


Solar Flare Mod South of Motel “Safe Haven” (Deadzone) there is an open shop.


Shocking Sledge Mod Inside Motel “Safe Haven” (Deadzone).


Stun Bomb Blueprint East of the Infested Apartments (Deadzone) upstairs in with a repair station.


Bloody Mary Mod From the Stun Bomb Blueprint, climb down and climb up the other scaffolding and drop down one ledge and it’s next to a box.


Meat Cutter Mod Inside the Infested Apartments (Deadzone).


Phoenix Mod Out in the south water path where the building is by itself on the map.


Deo-Bomb Blueprint Inside Stan’s House, where you get the surgical equipment.


Devastating Home Run Mod Inside Sylvia’s parents’ house.


Electrotherapy Quest Reward from Damien.


Blunt Shock Mod At the final part before the Fort, up a ladder on the side of the building.


Shocking Crowbar Mod Where the bulldozer is, climb the scaffold that is next to the quarantine zone.



Military Base (1)

Rifle Ammo Blueprint In the last room of the military base where you talk to Serpo.


The shotgun ammo mod is in the military base.



Fort Henderson (3)

Hooligan Shotgun Mod In front of you when you first enter.


Razor Mod Once you get to go down the stairs to where the pilot is, it’s on the shelving at the bottom in plain view.


Pride Rifle Mod In the tower, where you set up camp.



Quarantine Zone and Dock (0)



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