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The Medium – Cheats & Secrets

Cheats & Secrets

All Memory Shard Locations

Memory Shard #1 – The very first memory shard is found in Ursula’s Room which the book located on the left side of the vase.


Memory Shard #2 – In the area where you find and use the razor, look for the memory shard on the right side of the dried sunflower.


Memory Shard #3 – After reaching the Dayroom, head to its center where you will find a bag of IV drip. Inspect this to collect the memory shard.


Memory Shard #4 – Once you’ve solved the globe puzzle, look for this memory shard in the same room right next to the piano.


Memory Shard #5 – After arriving in the Teacher’s Room, head to the table in the center and check the pair of glasses sitting on it.


Memory Shard #6 – Right after you burn moths using your Spirit Shield, enter the large room and look for the canvas to unlock this memory shard.


Memory Shard #7 – From the last memory shard, follow the Spirit Trail and you will arrive at a doll in the same room.


Memory Shard #8 – Now look for the red bow in the same room. This is your next memory shard.


Memory Shard #9 – After speaking with Sadness on the swing, head left of the Red House and look for a gas can.


Memory Shard #10 – Now go back to the Red House and you will find this memory shard right at the front of the Red House.


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