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The Medium – PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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PC Key Bindings

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for The Medium.


W, A, S, D: Movement


E: Climb


L. Shift: Hold to run


C: Toggle sneak


F: Hold for out of body experience


Left Alt: Hold to hold breath


Esc: Pause menu


Tab: Inventory


Mouse Left-click: Interact in the material world


Mouse Right-Click: Interact in the spirit world


R: Transcription


Q: Back


Left Ctrl: Hold for insight


Scroll: Hold down for spirit shield


Spacebar: Hold down for spirit blast



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1 month ago

The control mapping is horrid, im guessing they never tested it.i want to know how to change the horrible insight controls, L ctrl, which is impossible to do and use mouse at same time which u need to do to select insighted objects. Run is fine as buttons used while doing so are on the keyboard but insight requires u to look around which means u need to use mouse and it will not work with any keyboard buttons.IT is bad enough that these buttons are on complete opposites of the keyboard so u need 2 hands and then u… Read more »