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Chicken Police – How to Get The Secret Ending

Chicken Police - How to Get The Secret Ending

To get the secret ending, you need to collect all Chicken Police novels in 1 playthrough. If you have collected all, you will get the secret ending after the credits.



How to Get The Secret Ending

Below are the locations of all 10 Chicken Police novels that spread throughout the game.


1- Chapter 1, Police Station, on the bench near Bosco.


2- Chapter 1, Outside of Hop-Dog, near the Fly-Guy on the ground.


3- Chapter 1, Natasha’s Room, in the chair behind Natasha.


4- Chapter 1, Mullen’s Newstand, on the ground.


5- Chapter 2, The Dock, on the ground.


6- Chapter 3, Bubo’s place, on the surgical table.


7- Chapter 3, Weekend House, on the hood of the police car.


8- Chapter 4, Insane Asylum, Albert’s Room, on the nightstand.


9- Chapter 4, Mullen’s Newstand, behind the glass of Chandler’s book store.


10- Chapter 4, Albert’s Bedroom, on the bed.


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