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Café Rouge – Antoine’s Good Ending Walkthrough

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Antoine’s Good Ending Walkthrough

Selection 1:

-Get up now

-Sleep five more minutes



Selection 2:

-Kick Valen

-Yell at him to give back your notebook



Selection 3:

-Stay awake and try to move around

-Succumb to the darkness



Selection 4:

-Text him back

-Don’t text back



Selection 5:

-Head to class

-Skip class



Selection 6:

-Take bucket

-Leave the kitchen



Selection 7:

-Head out first to the lobby, then clean up later

-Clean up your mess before you head out to the lobby



Selection 8:

-Help others

-Help Aldo



Selection 9:

-Ask about Demian

-Don’t ask



Selection 10:

-Night bar

-Front Lobby/Pastry Room



Selection 11:

-Head to the Bar

-Head to the Stage



Selection 12:

-Hear him out

-Walk away



Selection 13:

-Ask who was following me

-Ask about Antoine’s background

-Ask what happened



Selection 14:

-Help Aldo

-Clean up



Selection 15:

-Talk back

-Give cold shoulder



Selection 16:

-Find Chris

-Find Antoine



Selection 17:

-Go through all the options (Diane, Chris, Candice, Aldo, and Demian)

** You will only be able to talk to Aldo when he is the last option.



Selection 18:

-Ask later

-Ask now



Selection 19:

-Ask him if he is okay

-Follow him later



Selection 20:

-Inspect floor

-Inspect oven

-Inspect body area



Selection 21:

-Go investigate the stage and dining hall

-Visit Chris’s bar



Selection 22:

-Untangle yourself

-Call out for help



Selection 23:

-Why does she look like me?

-Why does Antoine have this portrait?

-Who is she?



Selection 24:

-Sigh, just continue please


-Please tell me you guys didn’t do it



Selection 25:

-Run to the door

-Grab the knife



Selection 26:

-Run out the kitchen door

-Stay and hide



Selection 27:





Selection 28:

-Crawl over and take a peek

-Don’t move



Selection 29:

-Run out of the cafe

-Run back to the kitchen



Selection 30:

-Run out of the cafe

-Continue to stay with him



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